Friday Randomness: Eat. Wander. Laugh. Blog. Repeat.

Sooooooo, have you seen what’s new in my blog?! If not, then you need your eyes checked! Harharhar! For those who noticed it, congratulations!!! Yes, yes, yes! I now have a new header. Hindi halatang excited na excited ako dabah?!

jereltabenoja logo in PNG - final

My blogging style has changed through the years, from the stiff and “English only” style to today that’s more relaxed and kenkoy - more like the real me. I know that there are a lot of blogs out there. Mine may not be as famous, but I do hope that my readers can feel my efforts in translating my reviews, opinions and personal experiences using my own unique voice. With everything readily available in the internet, you can imitate blog designs and ideas, but you can and should never imitate a blogger’s personality. Yes, you can be inspired by other bloggers, but you should never attempt to copy someone else’s blogging style. Because doing so is like cheating your readers.

So what’s the connection with my new header? Promise, may konek ‘to! Haha! I have always wanted to have something that clearly describes my blog, blogging style and my personality as a blogger. I wanted something that could easily catch the attention of people, especially the new readers, even before they start reading my blog. But there is a reason that I am a software programmer. I don’t have a single creative cell in my body. I tried inquiring the services of graphic artists, but it costs a lot. For someone like me who is not earning that much from blogging, getting their services is already a big stretch for me. So imagine my utmost happiness when my best friend slash mommy blogger, Aubrey, told me that she would ask her teammate to create something for me! It would be her early birthday present for me. I said yes right away even if my birthday is still four months away! Bihira lang magregalo ‘yan. Nung 18th birthday ko, ang regalo niya sa’kin ay sintonadong rendition nila ni Erlie ng Million Miles Away! Kumanta pa ang loka sa birthday party ko! :p

Thanks to the creative hands of Aubrey’s teammate, Nikki, I now have something that clearly represents my blog. I specifically told Aubrey that I wanted a girl with a camera on her neck, eating while reading a book. Aubrey suggested it to be a girl with a camera on her neck, holding a book while thinking of food! She also suggested that the girl should be in her Chucks, because that is soooo me! I am extremely happy with the outcome. Ang saya ko pa kasi ang liit ng bewang ko sa doodle! Haha!

Using the doodle as a baseline, I then decided this to be my official header. I also thought of having some sort of a battle cry to describe what this blog is all about. I asked myself, “What have I been doing?” I came up with "Eat. Wander. Laugh. Blog. Repeat." Eat, because this started as a food blog. Wander, because my feet are restless when it comes to traveling and my mind rambles non-stop when I read and when I express my opinions. Laugh, because sense of humor is just as important as a blogger’s writing skills. Blog, because writing has been my safe haven. Repeat, because this cycle has been my life after almost six years of blogging.

This blog is my happy place so I used a happy font and happy colors for my blog’s title and slogan. I used pink for the blog title to match my background and because I am trying hard to be girly. Haha! I used red for “Eat” because red is the best color to describe food. (This is why most of the restaurants use red for their brand’s logo.) I used green in “Wander” because it is the color of nature. My initial plan was to use yellow for “Laugh”, but I could not see it in white background so I used orange instead. I ran out of logic behind the words “Blog” and “Repeat” so I just used some random colors from the palette! Bwahahaha! This is also the cover photo of my Facebook page, which you should have already LIKED by now! :p

Thanks again, Aubrey! And thanks, Nikki!!! If in case she decides to turn this into a business, I am proud to have been one of her very first clients. Haha! Check out her site here.

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