Restaurant Review: Wildflour Cafe + Bakery at Bonifacio Global City

Wildflour’s BGC branch is just a couple of cartwheels away from where I work. But despite its proximity, it took me more than a year before I finally got to try it a couple of weeks ago. When it started its operations, the reception, especially by the food lovers, was just unbelievable. Although I have read a lot of mixed reviews (some say it is overpriced and overrated), the sight of this restaurant always jam-packed even at off-peak hours intrigued me. I was meeting Joie for lunch when I suggested that we meet at Wildflour. She agreed right away because she had also been meaning to try it.

I was checking out some online reviews when I happened to read one blog post published last year saying that it was difficult to make a reservation even after lunch time. I told Joie about this so she called the restaurant to make a reservation. It was such a wise move because the restaurant got cramped by lunch time. There was even a queue outside while we were eating.

As soon as we got settled, a waitress served us freshly-baked bread and butter. The bread was served piping hot making it a good base for the butter to melt. I love that the bread is moist yet the crust has that distinct crunch. It was the perfect way to jumpstart our meal.

DSC_1610Complimentary Bread

Joie read a lot of raves on Wildflour’s grilled cheese sandwich. She got this plate with grilled cheese, Caesar salad and tomato soup. She was generous enough to let me try the grilled cheese and the tomato soup. The tomato soup has the perfect consistency. I was expecting it to be too sour, but I was mistaken because it has a hint of sweetness. And yes, the grilled cheese sandwich deserves all the raves it has been getting! I told Joie that she should try dunking a piece of the grilled cheese sandwich to the tomato soup. She obliged, and I think she liked it. That’s what I learn from spending the entire day watching Food Network! :p

DSC_1614  Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Tomato Soup, Caesar Salad PHP395

I begged off trying Joie’s Caesar salad because I realized the amount of food on my plate that I need to ingest. Haha! I was planning to try out something else, but the price I noted from a website is different from the one on their menu. I only brought enough cash so I had to improvise and change my order the last minute. I went for Wildflour Breakfast instead.

The sausage tastes different, in a good way of course, than those frozen sausages we usually have for breakfast. My taste buds tell my brain that it’s like a mashup of sausage and meatloaf. The crispy potatoes are infused with very nice flavors. Joie could not stop raving how good it is. And as expected, the bread is to die for! It’s perfect with the eggs and the sausages. But it can also work really well with the strawberry jam. Its sweetness somehow gave my tongue a bit of a rest from the strong flavors of the sausages and the potatoes.

DSC_1623Wildflour Breakfast PHP390

I know I may have misjudged Wildflour. I understand that taste is subjective so what didn’t work out for somebody else does not necessarily mean that it wouldn’t work out for me, too. Food is really good. The price is steep. But given the food serving, I think it’s not that bad at all. Service is really remarkable! All the crew members are very attentive and efficient. A bottle of service water was left on our table. And each time our glasses go half empty, a staff member would approach us to fill our glasses. Señoritas for a day! :p

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery
G/F Net Lima Building
4th Ave cor 26th St,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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