Kolokoy Household: Episode 44

Happy Monday, guys! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was spent mostly at home because weekends are the only times that I can sleep longer. And I usually blog on weekends so I am taking advantage of these lean times. Hihi! Anyway, I am just so glad that I am having back-to-back Kolokoy Household posts for two consecutive weeks. This only means that the Kolokoy Household is happier these past few days. Mwahahaha! :p


Olympus_Has_Fallen_poster Image taken from en.wikipedia.org

I already lost count of how many times we have watched Olympus Has Fallen. My husband already knows every single detail of the movie, but he still watches it each time it’s being shown on Star Movies. For those who are not familiar with the movie, allow me to give you a background. In Olympus Has Fallen, an extremist group took over the White House and kept the president, vice president and senate president of the United States as hostages. That left the speaker of the house, which was played by Morgan Freeman, to take over the role of the commander-in-chief. Of course, my husband already knew this that is why I was so surprised when he initiated this conversation.

Boyet: Alam ko na kung bakit hindi na-hostage si Morgan!
Me: O e ‘di ba nga kasi pinalabas siya ng president bago dumating ‘yung Koreans?! Ilang beses mo ng napanood ‘yan e!
Boyet: Hindi! Hindi siya na-hostage kasi siya si Morgan FREEman!
Me: Hayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Medyo matagal nakabawi si Mr. Kolokoy. Kasi episode 10 pa lang, nag-iisip na siya ng joke tungkol kay Morgan Freeman e! Read episode 10 here. :p


We all used to watch PBA games religiously. But for some odd reason, we grew tired of it. Once in a while though, we randomly watch some games and we have managed to be updated of the league’s major milestones… especially Mama! Now you probably know where this story is going. :p

Mama: Championship na pala sa PBA ‘no? Parang ang bilis.
Me: Oo nga e.
Mama: Great Taste saka ‘yung pintura ang magkalaban.
Boyet: Ma, San Mig ‘yun.
Mama: E sabi sa balita kape at pintura daw ang magkalaban e.
Boyet: Rain or Shine ‘yung pintura, Ma.
Mama: Ah, Great Taste at Rain or Shine?!
Boyet: San Mig at Rain or Shine.
Mama: E sabi nga kape at pintura.
Boyet: San Mig Coffee Mixers nga ‘yung kape, Ma!
Mama: Ah, akala ko Great Taste. Saan ba galing ‘yung Great Taste ko?! Hahaha!

E kasi ang alam ni Mama na San Mig, ‘yung beer! ‘Yung panahon nila Olsen Racela! Bwahahaha! Pero apparently, may Great Taste team pala dati! :p


My brother usually asks me what we’re having for dinner through SMS because I always arrive home earlier than him. One night, Mama prepared ginataang tulingan.

Me: Nag-text si Abes ano daw ulam.
Mama: Sabihin mo ginataang tulingan.
Me: Ayun tinext ko Cordon Bleu ang ulam.
Mama: Loko loko ka baka maghanap nga ng Cordon Bleu ‘yung kapatid mo!
Boyet: Alam ko na! Ganito gawin natin…

Bwahahahahaha! O e ‘di may Kordon Blue na siya! :p


I recently bought a digital thermometer. I showed it to Boyet, and he immediately tried if it was working.

Me: Gumagana ‘yan ‘no! Binuksan ‘yan ng pharmacist kanina e.
Boyet: Maninigurado lang ako.

Nilagay sa kili-kili ang thermometer. After 10 seconds…

Boyet: Walang nangyayari. Sira ‘to.
Me: Nakalagay dito sa manual mag beep daw ng three times.

After 10 seconds…

Boyet: Wala nga! Sira ‘to. Nagoyong ka!
Me: Omron ‘yan ‘no! Saka huwag ka kasing excited! Kakalagay mo lang sa kili-kili mo e.

Beep… beep… beep…

Me: O ‘di ba, atat ka lang?! Hindi naman sira!
Boyet: 35.5 daw.
Me: Eto pala sabi sa manual, 2 minutes daw kapag underarm. Atat ka kasi e.
Boyet: Ah ok. Sige, gumagana nga.
Me: Ay sabi dito kapag oral daw, 80 seconds. Itry mo dali! Baka sira!!!
Boyet: Bwisit!
Me: Rectal daw 60 seconds. Rectal muna bago oral. Dali na!!! Baka sira ‘to! Para maisauli ko agad!!!
Boyet: Siraulo!!!
Me: Bwahahahahaha!!!

Enjoy the rest of the week! =)

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