Friday Randomness: Something weird (and funny) happened to me yesterday!

I was able to work from home last Wednesday while Glenda was battering Manila. I am glad to be a part of a company that comes up with efficient business continuity plans and does not look at their employees like waterproof, profit-generating beings. But yesterday, I went back to work. As early as 7 AM, traffic at BGC was heavy! Some roads were closed and there were fallen trees and scaffoldings in sight.

I usually arrive earlier on Thursdays. But regardless of the day, this has always been my morning habit: I would login, get drinking water from the dispenser and then go to the restroom to pee and comb my hair. And yesterday as usual, I spent almost an hour checking emails and preparing the applications that I would be using for the day. And then, all the weird things started happening!

I went to the restroom. While I was peeing, the lights started to flicker. I initially didn’t mind it because I am already used to this behavior of our bathroom lights. We have two sets of lights. There are times when one set refuses to turn on. And sometimes, the lighted set flickers. But yesterday after the lights flickered, both got turned off! The lights then went back after a couple of seconds. Peeing, done. Next was to comb my hair. As soon as I faced the mirror, the lights went out again! I screamed!!! Imagine this, I was alone in front of a mirror inside a pitch black bathroom! Perfect setup for a horror movie, right?! Hahaha! I immediately went out. I started laughing as soon as I got out because Kuya (maintenance guy) also just got out of the men’s restroom! He said, “Ano ba ‘yan?! Wala namang takutan!” Hahahahaha! When I went back to my work station, someone asked me, “Ikaw ba ‘yung sumigaw?” Hahaha! Apparently, dinig na dinig pala ang tili ko sa buong floor! :p

Fast forward…

A little before lunch time as I was on my way to the restroom, nag-brownout uli!!! We spent almost an hour without electricity. The elevators were not working. The team ate in the dark. I dragged one officemate to go with me to the dark restroom, and we brushed together. Haha! The electricity went back around 1 PM. By 3:30 PM as I was once again on my way to the restroom, boom! I was alone in the middle of a dark corridor, and there was a few seconds of delay before the emergency lights turned on. As I was walking back to my workstation, I heard one of my officemates say, “Nasa CR na naman si Ate Je!” And everybody just started laughing.

10428482_10152524942308618_2734209758783185277_nThis is the hallway I was telling you about. I took this photo after I had lunch with my teammates. The emergency light was already turned on. So imagine how dark it was without it. :p

I was ready to leave work by 5 PM. I decided to go to the restroom one last time. I even told my seatmate, "Hindi naman na siguro mag-brownout 'no?!" But just to be sure, I had my mobile phone's torch ready in case the electricity fluctuates. I finished my business inside the restroom, and I went out telling myself, "Hindi nag-brownout! Achievement unlocked!" As soon as I got back on my workstation, you probably guessed what happened next! Kaloka!!!

I mean, I am not scared of the dark. I practically grew up in the 90s when blackouts happen almost every day. But yesterday was different! It’s not the darkness, it’s the weirdness that goes with it. Naisip ko, konektado ba ang pantog ko sa poste ng MERALCO?! May special bond ba silang dalawa na hindi ako aware?! ‘Yung totoo?! May special powers yata ang ihi ko at nagagawang kontrolin ang kuryente!!! =))

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