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My husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary last June 12. (Has it really been three years?!) We agreed not to splurge in any gifts this year. Our expenses have spiked up because of the miscellaneous fees that we need to settle before we can move in to our own house. But since I wanted to have something which the family can share on our anniversary (because my parents also celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on that same day), I asked my friend, Joie, if she could bake a cake for us. Joie is the woman behind My Sweets’ Haven. Ever since she started her online business, she has become our go-to person whenever we need sweet treats for special occasions – cupcakes for birthdays, bibingka and cassava cake for fiestas, and for the first time, cake for our wedding anniversary.

While we were conceptualizing the cake, she asked me what our common interests are. Wala! Wala kaming common interest ng asawa ko! I think I gave Joie a headache when I told her this. But I was just telling her the truth. I told her that Boyet likes Lego and Spongebob while I love to read. I asked her if she could incorporate everything in a cake. Plus, I wanted “us” to be seated side by side while watching TV. I wanted this because watching TV is probably the closest common interest we have. But then again, he watches NBA and Game of Thrones while I am tuned in to Food Network all the time. That does not count as a common interest, doesn’t it? Plus, we will be moving in to our house later this year, so I want the cake to remind us that all our hard work has finally paid off! (We can finally seat in our own couch!) Given these things, I think I was Joie’s most difficult and most demanding client ever. But she managed to pull it off. She even thought of using pink and black fondants for our cake. Pink and black are the colors of our wedding!

When she delivered the cake to our house, she was so worried that I would not like it. I am not saying this because she’s my best friend, but I love love love love the cake! She sent me a picture of the cake through Viber the night before. I already told her that I liked it. But I still got teary-eyed when I saw the actual cake in front of me. Walang halong kaeklavuhan! Ang saya saya ko, promise!

Before Joie started baking, I got cakes and cupcakes from different bakeshops. But I think you will agree with me that a lot of the good-looking cakes are just pleasing to the eyes. And when you taste it, you end up wishing that you should have just looked at it. Maganda pero hindi masarap. But the cakes and cupcakes from My Sweets’ Haven are so good. During my Tita’s 60th birthday, my gift to her was cupcakes from My Sweets’ Haven. We gave them away to all the guests. And everybody was raving about Joie’s cupcakes. And this cake wasn’t an exception. Fondant is undoubtedly sweet so Joie made sure that the base cake is not too sweet. When you eat the cake and the fondant together, you don’t end up hurting your teeth from too much sweetness. Even my super pintasera mother liked it. I shared some to my office mate, Abby. She could not stop eating it. Even our nieces and nephews loved it. My cousin also told me that her three-year old daughter, Zoe, stopped throwing tantrums after eating a piece of this cake. Kids don’t lie!

Joie also put these heart-shaped milk chocolates with rice crispies. Papa ate almost all of it. Isa lang ang nakain ko!

Abby once bought cupcakes from Joie for her daughter’s birthday. And Abby has nothing but good words for Joie. “Ang bait bait naman ng friend mo. At tuwang-tuwa ‘yung anak ko sa cupcakes!” There is a famous belief that the heart of the chef reflects on his/her dishes. I guess that also applies to baking. Joie is such a nice girl so her niceness translates to her creations.

And lastly, aside from the cake being a yummy eye candy, it’s also reasonably-priced. It would have been cheaper if not for the Lego figures. But still, I know that I would have spent more if I got the cake from somewhere else. So in case you’re looking for some sweet treats for an upcoming special occasion, please do check out My Sweets’ Haven! Hindi ako mapapahiya, promise! =)

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  1. Super yummy talaga ng mga creations ni Joie! Nung binyag ni Skye lahat hindi naka move on eh! :)


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