Review: Joaquin's Bed and Breakfast (Tagaytay)

It was the last week of April when my husband and I drove to Tagaytay to escape the scorching heat of Manila. This was another last minute trip. We were not celebrating anything. We were just too stressed out and wanted to unwind over the weekend. Plus, the summer season was coming to an end so we wanted to do something as a couple. I didn’t have the time to plan. But having been to Tagaytay countless of times before, I already knew almost all the hotels by heart. All I had to do at that time was to check out the availability. My husband specifically requested for a quiet place. Incidentally, I had been meaning to go to Joaquin’s Bed and Breakfast but it’s always fully booked. They were actually fully booked on the weekend that we were supposed to go. But I accidentally clicked the day before while I was booking and noticed that there were still a couple of rooms available. Without thinking twice, I booked a room after we filed for a vacation leave on a Friday.

Our room wasn’t ready yet when we arrived before noon. But after our lunch at LZM Restaurant, we were allowed for an early check-in when we went back.

It took a great deal of effort to reach our room. Steep stairs. No elevators. But we seriously didn’t mind because our room was just so beautiful! The first thing we noticed was the bed! Pang honeymoon! Char! :p

It’s the cutest, daintiest and most romantic bed I have ever seen! I actually feel so relaxed by just looking at it. And it’s not all beauty. The bed is so soft. The pillows and blankets smell so good. It was indeed a perfect setup for cuddling and sleeping all day!

DSC_0657 Silly husband! Haha! :p

It was my first time to be in a bed and breakfast place. And I felt like the interiors of our room are quite different from the conventional hotel rooms. It is cozier, and it gave me the feeling that I am in an old-fashioned rest house in the middle of nowhere. Fire place na lang ang kulang. Nyaha! :p



The TV is placed directly in front of the bed. Cable signal is pretty good although it was interrupted for a few minutes when it rained. I spent the afternoon in bed watching TV. It was perfect because I caught the movie The Holiday on HBO HD! Swak na swak sa kain-tulog na holiday namin! :p

Now, let’s check out the bathroom. It has both rain head and hand showers installed. There is a divider that separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. It may look ordinary, but I noticed that our bathroom smells so good. Even the common restroom in the reception area smells the same. Both are also well-maintained.

We were lucky to score a room with a garden. My husband specifically requested for this when I told him of our options. It is more expensive than the usual rooms, but I am glad that we made that choice!

How cool is it to have your own garden outside your room?

You step on the green grass as soon as you go out of the room. You see the lush trees and colorful flowers. You hear the birds chirping and the breeze of the wind. And most of all, you get to enjoy the view of Taal Volcano!

Because our vacation was supposed to be a laid back one, all we did was either stay inside the room to watch TV or hangout at the garden to enjoy the picturesque view of Taal. Can you imagine how happy I was when I realized that the first thing I would see when I wake up the following morning is this beautiful view?


And besides, it’s a perfect backdrop for selfies! :p

There is a simple, white garden set outside our room. We sit there while enjoying the cool breeze which one can only experience in Tagaytay. Boyet loved hanging out outside. He parted the curtains so he could still see the TV inside the room while he gets to enjoy the chilly wind and his iced cold beer.

However, I had something else in mind for the garden set. OOTD! I needed the chair because I’m too lampa to keep my balance while doing the always-put-one-foot-forward-so-you-will-look-taller-and-slimmer technique taught to me by my fashionista BFF, Aubrey! :p

DSC_0663Top: Divisoria | Skirt: Kamiseta | Flip Flops: iPANEMA

DSC_0685  Top: Ensembles | Shorts: Freeway | Flip Flops: iPANEMA | Eyeglasses: Ray-Ban

But seriously, that garden set has a more meaningful purpose. :p When we checked in, the receptionist asked us what we want to have for breakfast the next day. She then asked me where and what time we want it to be served. I asked if they could serve it on our room. She said that they would bring our breakfast to the garden! Sashaaaaal! :p

DSC_1524 Hubby’s

Boyet had tawilis while I opted to have tapa. I read a lot of online raves for their tuyo flakes. I was initially planning to get it, but it was out of stock. But still, my husband and I enjoyed our breakfast! Never miss a trip to Tagaytay without having tawilis.

DSC_1532 Mine


DSC_1535Chocolate for hubby, coffee for me =) 

Our stay at Joaquin’s Bed and Breakfast is one of the most relaxing vacations we ever had. My husband and I felt so relaxed after our stay. We got to experience uninterrupted sleep, good food, an awesome garden and the perfect view of Taal. Service is also remarkable! Wala kaming reklamo. Well, except sa palaka na bumulaga sa amin when we went up to the restaurant to have dinner. Haha! But still, I highly recommend this place. It’s a bit pricey. But after our stay, I realized that what we paid was actually the exclusivity of the place and the impeccable service!

Joaquin's Bed and Breakfast
Km. 58 Aquinaldo Highway,
Tagatay City

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  1. Waaaahhhh!! I love the bed!! Sana makapunta din kami dyan. Pwede bang gawing duyan yung kurtina sa bed? Hihihi...


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