Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is set five years after its first installment. Hiccup, Astrid and the rest of the gang are all grown-ups, and Berk has finally learned to live harmoniously with the dragons.

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I actually watched the first movie again a few days before watching the second installment just so I could refresh my memory. But I think HTTYD2 is a standalone film. Those who failed to watch the first movie can still get the grasp of the second without getting lost.

The animation is undoubtedly great. With the addition of more (and bigger!!!) dragons, new characters and picturesque new territories, the movie is simply pleasing to the eyes!

I believe that the plot of the sequel is thicker than its predecessor. When I first watched the first installment, I initially thought that it’s not for the kids. And after watching the second movie, I got more convinced that How to Train Your Dragon is not suitable for VERY young kids. But then again, I realized that I may be wrong all along. Adults, especially parents, do everything to shield the kids from reality. That’s why fairy tales are made. But How to Train Your Dragon teaches kids that the world is not a fairy tale. Bad things happen to people. (Hiccup lost his leg, remember?!) And then more bad things happened in the second movie. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is how people are able to learn something out of the bad experiences in life.

I knew some people who liked the first movie more than the second. I liked both, but I felt like the second film has more “heart”. Watching How to Train Your Dragon 2 is like a rollercoaster ride. You find yourself laughing at one moment (tawang-tawa ako sa kalandian ni Ruffnut :p) and then shedding a tear a few minutes after. The sequel has a more complex plot with Hiccup initially trying to find what he was really destined to do, paying for the consequences of his actions and picking up the pieces after a loss. HTTYD2 is such a gripping tale on taking risks, finding your destiny and fighting for what you believe in.

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