What I learned from going to Caleruega…

We didn’t have a concrete plan for our recent trip to Tagaytay. So after checking out of the bed and breakfast place that we stayed in for the night (that on the blog soon), my husband asked me if I wanted to go to Caleruega. I said yes. He then asked the receptionist how to get there and how long it would take.

We arrived at Caleruega before 1PM after almost an hour of non-stop driving. We went there on the last week of April so imagine the kind of scorching heat that we had to battle just to get there. After parking our car, the walking began. Stairs here and there, steep pathways everywhere, getting lost once in a while and the sun seemed to hate us big time. And as soon as we arrived at the chapel, I realized one thing.

I realized that going to Caleruega is like life. There will be times when the rough road seems to be endless. There will be times when we will get lost. And there will be times when we will feel like the entire universe is going against us. But as long as our eyes are set to God, awesome things definitely await us. :-)

I took the liberty of staying in front of the chapel just to admire its breathtaking beauty. And then we went inside to pray.

After a few minutes, a large group of people went inside the chapel. The silence which I was enjoying just a few minutes ago was disrupted. They were taking pictures. I wouldn’t mind it if not for three things. First, they were using the camera’s flash. Second, they took pictures as soon as they entered the chapel. And aside from the non-stop clicking of the camera, they were also talking very loudly.

“Kunan mo ‘to!”
“Pose ka dito!”
“Picture-an mo ko, pang profile picture ko!”
“Ang init naman dito!”

I was so tempted to say SHHHHHH! I don’t want to sound self-righteous, but don’t you go to a chapel/church to pray FIRST? The chapel is not going anywhere. You can take pictures after praying. And that group was simply inconsiderate to the other people who were praying. Flash ng flash ang camera!

Those people made me realize another thing. The social media, a platform which is supposed to help us “preserve” memories, is the same platform that is preventing us to LIVE BY THE MOMENT. We take pictures of every significant moment. But do we get to live and appreciate that moment? We admire the beautiful places that we go to. But do we appreciate the one God who made all things possible? We are all guilty of these. So the next time we see something beautiful, or something profound, can we just all stop and say “Thank you that I am still alive to witness this,” before we click our cameras? Deal? =)

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