Restaurant Review: Green ATS Bulalohan

I mentioned in an earlier post that my husband was craving for bulalo on our latest trip to Tagaytay.  And because this trip wasn’t planned, we just went with the flow and took the risk of trying out restaurants. On our first day in Tagaytay, we were able to try the bulalo from LZM Restaurant. Their bulalo was good, but it didn’t really satisfy my husband’s craving. On our way to Caleruega, we saw a long strip of bulalohan along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. We then agreed to try one on our way home.

We didn’t have the slightest idea on where to have lunch. It was past lunch time so we just followed our instincts. We stopped at the first restaurant that we spotted with a lot of cars parked. We figured that more people only means that the place is serving good food. Unfortunately, we could not find a parking space! Haha! A few meters away, we saw Green ATS Bulalohan. Luck was on our side because a car was leaving when we arrived!

It was already past 2 PM when we arrived at Green ATS yet the place was packed! Luck once again worked for us because we immediately spotted a table for two which was just vacated. And more importantly, the table we scored is on the side of the restaurant that has an unobstructed view of Taal Volcano!

It was really hot that afternoon. But being so close to the Taal Lake gave us that distinct cool breeze that you only get to experience in Tagaytay. Even the weather was perfect for our bulalo escapade! :p

The bulalo we got from LZM Restaurant the day before is delicious. But we somehow felt like it is on the safe (borderline boring) side. It was just pure meat and vegetables. We were joking that it was the kind of bulalo for the health-conscious. Puro laman at gulay. Wala kasing tabaaaaa! =))

DSC_1580 Bulalo PHP365

When the waiter served us the bulalo, we were immediately convinced that their version is very far from the one we had the day before. As seen on the photo above, the soup itself is already evidence that it is one sinful dish!

We were thinking that the soup is overpowering given the sight of floating oil. But we were wrong! The soup is very tasty. It is actually very addicting that the chef must be jailed for it. Hehe! The meat is very tender. My husband and I enjoyed munching on the litid! And the bone marrow just nailed it! This is the kind of bulalo that is worth the long drive.

We also got their Lumpiang Shanghai. I was the only one who got to try this because my husband enjoyed the bulalo so much that he wasn’t able to have a bite of this.

I got so used to restaurants serving lumpiang shanghai that is made up of 80% lumpia wrapper. I thought that would be the case at Green ATS. But I was proven wrong. I love that the lumpia is very crispy, but it’s not oily. The filling is just as great. It’s perfectly seasoned you don’t even need ketchup to go with it.

DSC_1583Lumpiang Shanghai PHP145

I would have wanted to try out their halo-halo because I saw a group of foreigners who were having it. They obviously enjoyed it because they were literally licking the spoon and the glass. But I came to my senses that bulalo and halo-halo combination is just a step away from suicide. Hahaha! We had fresh buko juice instead.

DSC_1588Fresh Buko PHP35 

Service was initially slow probably because the restaurant was full when we arrived. I guess the management needs to address this. But the service improved as soon as the flow of people mellowed down.

Green ATS Bulalohan has good food and a great view of Taal Lake. You can also see Sky Ranch from a distance. For someone like me who always travels with a plan, I must say that Green ATS is worth the risk. =)

Green ATS Bulalohan
183 Aguinaldo Highway,
Brgy. Sambong, Tagaytay City

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