Egg Art

A couple of months ago, I started buying cage-free eggs from S&R. Because S&R BGC is just a few cartwheels away from our office, my girl teammates and I decided to have a quick grocery shopping last Thursday. To my utmost surprise, I saw that the brand of cage-free eggs I buy is on a “Buy 2 Dozens Get 1 Free” promo. You know you’re old when these kinds of deal make you excited! :p Anyway, I was about to meet Joie that day so I decided to leave the eggs in the office. I let my teammate, Mitch, take care of the eggs. I specifically left the eggs to her care because we initially came up with a brilliant plan -  egg art! But since I don’t have a single creative cell in my body, I let Mitch do all the work. The following day, the previously plain, boring and brown eggs had a makeover!

egg artPhoto by Mitch

Mitch also decided to create an “eggified” version of Mr. and Mrs. Kolokoy!

DSC_0830 Bangis ng side bangs ko! =))

We are also planning to have some egg art photography sessions! We’ll come up with themes and use some props along with the eggs. I’ll try to share the photos when this idea materializes. It’s actually a good stress reliever, if you ask me. :p

In case our bosses get to read this, nagtatrabaho pa rin naman po kami! :p

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  1. Galing ng officemate mo ah! Very creative. I like yung egg art nya syo, pag tiningnan parang ikaw talaga. Hehe. :)


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