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I can’t remember the last time I got hooked into a TV series. I watched a few seasons of House, Grey’s Anatomy and Glee. But unfortunately, I lost interest along the way. I am a big fan of the CSI franchise. Though it’s probably the only foreign TV series that I have watched since season 1, I can’t say that I watch it religiously. But just recently, I discovered a TV series which piqued my curiosity. That curiosity led me to having my eyes all glued to my TV screen every Monday night!

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Orphan Black is already on its second season, but I only got to watch it when it premiered on Lifetime Channel (channel 65 on Sky Cable) last month. Orphan Black starts with the lead character, Sarah, witnessing a suicide of Beth, a woman who looks exactly like her. Thinking that it might be a way for her to escape her current troubles, she grabbed Beth’s belongings and later on assumed her identity not knowing that the dead woman was a cop. Things got out of hand when she found out that having another woman who looks exactly like her is not just a coincidence. She discovers that she is a clone just like the German lady (Katja), the soccer mom (Alison), the science geek (Cosima) and the assassin (Helena).

I found it interesting not only because of its unique plot but also because of the lead star, Tatiana Maslany. She actually reminds me of my favorite Charmed sister, Holly Marie Combs! But I got to warn you. She is definitely more than just a pretty face. I am just so amazed as to how she transitions from one character to another. Sarah is all over the place. Alison is an obsessive-compulsive soccer mom. Cosima is a student of evolutionary whatever! And Helena is just a cray cray! I actually get goose bumps watching her. Ang baliw lang, grabe! So imagine how entertained I was in those times when Sarah had to impersonate Alison and vice versa. Aliw na aliw ako, promise! =))

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Jordan Gavaris who plays Felix, Sarah’s foster brother is a very nice addition to the cast. He provides some light moments with his sarcasm and amusing antics. Plus, I think he’s quite bright as he comes up with excuses to cover for Sarah and to help her unravel the truth. Another thing that keeps me hooked to Orphan Black is Dylan Bruce! Ampogi! =))

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But the best thing about watching Orphan Black is the mental torment it brings me! I love anything that makes me think. Every episode is a piece to a puzzle – a puzzle that I still can’t solve! Hahaha! Lifetime Channel is almost done airing the first season. A lot of questions are slowly being answered, but I am pretty sure that there will be more to come as the season ends!

So if you’re on Sky Cable, check out Lifetime Channel. I am actually loving a lot of shows here! Bawas-bawasan ang telenovela! :p

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  1. Hi Je! I'm watching Orphan Black, too, pero pinapadownload ko lang sa asawa ko, gusto ko kasi dire-diretso ko mapanuod. I'm still at Season 1, Ep. 7 to be exact. Cray-cray nga si Helena, actually I like her kahit sya yung assassin, kasi may inherent goodness pa rin sya, hehe. :)


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