Restaurant Review: 100 Miles Café

Joie and I decided to meet one Thursday afternoon after work. Deciding where to have dinner seemed to be a difficult task given that BGC has blossomed into a foodie’s haven. We were supposed to eat in a specific restaurant at The Fort Strip, but it is not serving pasta dishes, the one thing that Joie was craving at that time. I suggested another restaurant in the area, but Joie and I had already tried it before. Thinking that we already hit the dead end, my eyes caught a small sign with a picture of different pasta dishes. It’s just weird because the sign was placed in an area at Fort Pointe Building where a restaurant couldn’t be found. I then asked the guard where 100 Miles Café is located, and he pointed us to the second level of the building. The same sign also brags that 100 Miles Café is the go-to place of runners, so the first thing I asked the waitress who welcomed us was, “Ate, pwede ba kaming kumain dito kahit hindi kami runners?!” She smiled and said, “Oo naman po.” Of course I was just kidding when I asked her that. =)

The interior speaks so much of marathons and running in general. Just look at the wall on the above photo. There are boards with announcements of upcoming fun runs. And there was even a start (or was it finish?) line painted on the floor. An office mate told me that the restaurant has locker rooms for rent dedicated to runners who choose to sweat out in the BGC area. But since we are not runners, we just decided to make out the most of our first visit through the one thing that we do best: EATING! Harharhar! :p

As soon as we finished placing our orders, this was served on our table.

DSC_0775 Complimentary Bread Sticks with Dip

Because Joie and I are constantly on a fake “diet” (hahaha), we decided to have salad for dinner and opted for the 100 Miles Salad.

It has different kinds of lettuce with cherry tomatoes, black olives, corn kernels, arugula, hard-boiled eggs and Parmesan cheese. Between the two of us, I am more of the salad-eater. Joie once told me that I was probably a goat in my past life because I enjoy eating salads with green, leafy vegetables. Haha! But surprisingly, Joie enjoyed this too! It’s plainly refreshing. I initially thought that the salad dressing would be too sour. But on the contrary, the vinaigrette has the right amount of acidity with a hint of sweetness. It actually has fruity aftertaste which complemented the salad.

DSC_0781100 Miles Salad PHP170

Runners need carbohydrates too. Good thing that the menu of 100 Miles Café has a “carbo-loading corner”. And since we went there for pasta, I suggested we try Maccheroni e Formaggio. Don’t let its complicated name deceive you. It’s just our favorite mac ‘n cheese! :p

This is so good! I love the creamy texture of the sauce. And it’s not overpowering. We just have one minor complain. The pasta was a bit undercooked. But when I came back the following day with my office mates, the mac ‘n cheese was better. It’s not as dry as the one in the photo. And the pasta was cooked to perfection!

DSC_0787 Maccheroni e Formaggio PHP160

Boyet arrived to pick me up. He was initially planning to eat the burger on our way home. But when he probably noticed that Joie and I were still busy chatting, he decided to start eating it. I wasn’t able to try the burger, but hubby could not stop saying how delicious it is. Ayun, inubusan ako! :p The chips are good, though! =)

DSC_0791100% Beef Burger PHP200

And like what I said earlier, I went back to 100 Miles Café the following day with my office mates. Apparently, 100 Miles Café is also included in the “10 Underrated BGC Restaurants” list by That meant we were able to cross out two from the list! (See my review of Pasta Roni here.)

We jumpstarted our lunch with a bowl of Caesar Salad. While writing this post, I realized that we weren’t served with their complimentary bread sticks. Hihi! Anyway, the bowl was wiped out in seconds! The girls loved it. Iceberg lettuce and cucumber were coated with a delicious salad dressing and then topped with cheese. The croutons and bacon bits added crunch to the salad.

DSC_0815Caesar Salad PHP180

Mitch and Sheen decided to try their rice toppings selection. Both had lechon paksiw! They were generous enough to let us try it. It tastes like a typical lechon paksiw with that perfect sweet, sour and peppery combination. And oh, the skin of the lechon is to die for! (Well, literally and figuratively… :p)

DSC_0817Lechon Paksiw PHP175

I have always wondered how a dish that may look so plain can actually taste so heavenly. That was the case with this Fettuccine Carbonara! The pasta coated with a mouth-watering creamy sauce with bacon is topped with parsley and served with a slice of bread.

DSC_0824  Fettuccine Carbonara PHP180

Joie and I initially asked for 100 Miles Pizza. When it didn’t arrive in the middle of our meal, I asked the waitress if the pizza was still coming. She looked confused and asked us if we ordered for pizza. I said yes, and she told me that pizza was unavailable that night because they ran out of dough. Fortunately, I was able to try 100 Miles Pizza the following day.

With chicken, salami, bacon, olives, onions, bell peppers, mushroom and cheese, this pizza is one balanced meal! I loved that the bell peppers are sweet which only means that they use fresh ingredients. We also noticed something dripping in the middle of the pizza. Apparently, it has egg cooked sunny side-up! It was cooked the way I liked it with the yolk a little bit runny.

DSC_0819100 Miles Pizza PHP220

After two consecutive visits at 100 Miles Café, I have to agree with The location may be unassuming (and hidden), but the food and service are very remarkable. Plus, the prices are very reasonable. Whether or not you’re a runner, make sure to include 100 Miles Café in your list of BGC restaurants to try.

100 Miles Café
Level 2 Fort Pointe Building 1,
The Fort Strip,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

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