Restaurant Review: Yakitori One at SM Aura Premier

Thursday is our car’s “coding” day. So even if my husband and I are both struggling to make ends meet as we are on the last stretch of paying for the down payment of our own house, we both agreed to revive our Thursday date nights. Well, we need something to do for a few hours before hitting the road when the number coding is lifted. More often than not, that “something” is eating! :p

A couple of weeks ago, we went to SM Aura Premier as my husband needed to buy a new pair sunglasses. And because our dinner money was spent for hubby’s new sunglasses, we decided to check out the mall’s food court! :p

As soon as we saw the stalls, Boyet and I made the same comment – Ang sosyal ng food court! :p Let’s just say that you won’t find in SM Aura’s Food on Four the typical food choices that you usually find in the conventional food courts that we grew up with. We first saw Sbarro and Pepper Lunch. But since we wanted to try something we hadn’t tried before, we settled with Yakitori One. Sashal na BBQ sa sashal na food court! Harharhar!

It took us like… uhmm… forever to place our orders because of the two senior citizens ahead of us who could not decide what to get. Hihi. That gave me ample time to take some photos of Yakitori One’s “kitchen”. I was aiming at the guy on the grill, when this cray cray suddenly showed up! Hahahaha!

Ok, now here’s the real thing! =) I have always been attracted to an “open” kitchen. It somehow gives me the assurance that I’m eating clean food. Hihi.

If I remember it correctly, the yakitoris range from PHP45 to PHP80. I really wanted to try everything. Fortunately, Yakitori One has set meals. Woohoo! Hubby had their Cut Steak and Chicken Karaage combo while I had the Chicken Balls, Chicken Karaage and Chicken Skin meal.

DSC_0490Cut Steak and Chicken Karaage PHP168

DSC_0495Chicken Balls, Chicken Karaage and Chicken Skin PHP188 

Hubby and I both liked the chicken karaage. It’s not oily and the meat is very tender. The steak and chicken balls were also good. Thanks to the sweet and salty combination of the sauce which pumped up our palates. But our favorite has to be the chicken skin! Why is it that the most sinful is always the most delicious?! :p

I love the idea that you can get a decent and very tasty meal in a fancy mall for less than PHP200. I might actually drag some of my office mates to SM Aura on one of our usual Friday lunch outs and convince them to try Yakitori One. =)

Yakitori One
Food on Four
Level 4 SM Aura Premier
26th St., Bonifacio Global City,

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  1. Uy, bat parang hindi ko napansin to nung pumunta kami? Sa Four Fingers tuloy kami napakain. Ma-try nga next time, affordable sya ha. :)


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