Movie Review: Diary ng Panget

When I first learned that Diary ng Panget would be turning into a movie, I first wondered who would play the roles of Eya, Cross, Chad and Lory. When I found out that it would be Nadine Lustre, James Reid, Andre Paras and Yassi Pressman, I was a bit surprised that Viva has entrusted these roles to these newbies. But after watching the movie, I realized that the roles were actually perfect for these fresh faces. Their rawness was actually refreshing to see on the big screen.

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Among the four, I am most familiar with Yassi as I am very much impressed with this girl’s charm and dancing prowess. Surprisingly, she was the one on my mind to play Lory while I was reading the books. Although there are definitely rooms for improvements, her portrayal of Lory is not that bad for a newcomer.

I only know of two things about Andre Paras. He plays basketball and he is the son of estranged couples Benjie Paras and Jackie Forster. When I learned that he would be playing Chad, I was like, “Marunong bang umarte ‘tong batang ‘to?!” I was anticipating that his acting would be awkward and cringe-worthy. But I totally forgot that he is the son of Benjie Paras who is both a basketball player and a good actor as well. Andre is like the Baby Bear version of Papa Bear. Harharhar! He is really charming, and he registers very well on the big screen. Plus, his comedic timing is surprisingly good for a newcomer. Andre is tailored fit for the role of Chad. I’m sorry Andre, I underestimated you! =)

When I found out that James Reid would be a part of the movie adaptation, I thought he would be playing Chad. I never imagined him having that bad boy vibe because he just looks so tamed. I am not sure if it was because my only recollection of him was during his PBB days. I didn’t really watch the entire season that he was a part of. But in the very few times that I caught it, he was always sick! So while I was watching him as Cross, I could not believe how a young and sickly boy who I saw on national television with an oxygen mask can turn into such an eye candy! Nyaha. Pasensya, kinikilig lang. Whatever! Even my husband admits that James is such a heartthrob! I can’t remember how many times I got distracted with his abs. And he’s <insert expletives here> hot! Have I mentioned that he’s hot?! Oh yeah, I just did. Hahaha! He sure knows how to make the girls squeal! You have no idea how the girls reacted every time he takes off his shirt! :p But this boy got other things to brag about aside from his sculpted body. The boy can actually act! His boyish features and mysterious vibe made his portrayal of Cross really effective. And he’s hot. Period! :p

Among the four, I am the least familiar with Nadine Lustre. When I saw the trailer, the first thing I noticed was the fact that she is a clone of Kathryn Bernardo! But this girl brought other things to the table aside from her resemblance with Kathryn. Her portrayal of Eya was simply effortless. She was able to translate Eya’s funny and carefree personality. Super nakakatawa siya! From her pangungulangot, pagsundot ng tinga at pag-utot. She really embraced Eya’s ugliness and kasablayan! And she did all of these without looking fake. It was as if the character of Eya was made for her. And oh, I love her eccentric fashion sense in the movie. I would have never imagined Eya being that chic and cool. I think I have a new girl crush. Hihihi!

I was also impressed by the supporting cast. I didn’t know that Gabby Concepcion has a knack in comedy. The character of Candy Pangilinan as the mayordoma wasn’t really that visible in the book version. But her presence was a nice addition to the movie. Mitch Valdez plays Eya’s auntie. I love how the movie added a touch of comedy to his being mukhang pera. Basta! Tawang-tawa ako kina Candy at Mitch! WTH! Even the extras were very funny. =))

There wasn’t really much of a difference between the books and the movie version. My husband asked me why I was laughing in a scene. And then I told him that I already knew what was going to happen next. But it still cracked me up! Ganoon ako ka-adik! Nyaha! :p I love that the movie didn’t really deviate from the book. But as I mentioned from my book review (read it here and here), Diary ng Panget is flawed. The story is not that fluid so turning it into a movie as it is feels like watching different pieces of fabric which was later on turned into a quilt.

Some may say that Diary ng Panget is a big cliché. I have seen other movies and teleseryes with the same plot. But Diary ng Panget is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining local movies I have ever seen. Critics may find it a waste of time and money. (Most of them say this to local movies that are shown commercially. Haha!) But it is definitely not a waste of your lung cells! Mapapagod ang lungs mo sa kilig at kakatawa! :p

The movie wasn’t able to cover all four books, though. I was really hoping that I would get to see Cross and Eya’s love story blossom. (Hindi naisama ‘yung mga dates nila at mga pickup lines ni Cross!) For those who have read the book, it may seem bitin. But on second thought, I was glad that the movie ended where it ended. =)


  1. Gustong-gusto ko na sya mapanood, kaso wala akong choice kundi hintayin "online".. Hindi naman kasi papalabas dito. Anyway, I actually find Nadine pretty tsaka mukang talented na bata. Bagay sila ni James, even yung song nila on repeat sa player ko. Hehehe. Baka may part 2? :)

  2. Super cute nga ng JaDine! Hihi :p


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