Restaurant Review: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

I usually walk with my girl team mates along BGC every lunch break. When you’re busy and your job demands that you sit down for 8 hours a day, you have to grab every chance of getting your muscles to work out. During one of our “walking sessions”, we discovered Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. It’s impossible for this restaurant to be missed because everything in its façade is too cute not to be noticed.

As soon as we entered the restaurant, it was as if we were transported into an entirely different world. It’s a world where ugly things are not allowed! Haha! My initial reaction was, “Gusto kong tumira dito!!!” =))

The colorful chandeliers, hanging teacups, brightly-colored tables and chairs, intricately-designed frames hanging on the walls and every small detail filled with cuteness made our eyes extremely happy!


DSC_0548 I told you every small detail is filled with cuteness! =)

We got three kinds of cupcakes – Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Nutella and Chocolate Cream Pie.

Aside from the fact that their cupcakes are very pleasing to the eyes, I loved that they are not too sweet. I have tried various cupcakes before which made my teeth cry out of despair because of too much sweetness. Good thing that the bakers of Vanilla Cupcake Bakery do not abuse the use of sweeteners. :p

DSC_0542Cookies and Cream PHP95

DSC_0541Chocolate Cream Pie  PHP90 

More often than not, when I go to a place that sells cupcakes, the only good things they could offer are the cupcakes. The rest of the menu just falls short of my expectations. I thought that it would be the same with Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. But I was proven wrong!

I got to try their Chicken Parmigiana with Pasta. Guests may opt to have the Chicken Parmigiana with Rice (just like what Abby had) for PHP195. I am not really a fan of oil-based pasta dishes. But this one changed my mind. I love the subtlety of the flavors. And I definitely enjoyed the spicy kick in every bite. The chicken is also very good! It’s very tender and cooked to perfection. The sweet and tangy sauce on top of the chicken balanced out the spiciness of the pasta.

DSC_0558Chicken Parmigiana with Pasta PHP225

We initially thought that the prices of the food are quite steep. But given the generous servings of the food, you’ll definitely get your every centavo’s worth. I suggest you go to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery with your friends. Get whatever you want and share your food with the group. That’s actually what we did that’s why I was able to try other dishes aside from my Chicken Parmigiana. :p

DSC_0549Baked Cheese Macaroni PHP225

Mitch got the Baked Cheese Macaroni, while Jen had the Herbed Bacon Carbonara. Both are just soooooooo good! The pasta for both dishes is cooked al dente. Everybody from our table felt a gush of excitement when we first had a taste of the baked mac. We all agreed that the cheesy topping is the star of this dish. On the other hand, the Herbed Bacon Carbonara is just as big of a hit! The consistency of the sauce is not too creamy or too runny. The creamy sauce perfectly coats every single strand of pasta without being too overpowering for my taste buds. And the bacon bits just placed this dish a notch higher!

DSC_0551Herbed Bacon Carbonara PHP 225

And because we all fell in love with Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, Mitch, Abby and I went back just a few days after our first visit! Mitch had the Herbed Bacon Carbonara. Abby had the Chicken Cordon Bleu. I forgot to take a picture of the Chicken Cordon Bleu. But it’s really delicious.

I got to try the BBQ Ribs. And just like all the other dishes we have tried, the serving of the BBQ Ribs is very generous. Served with rice and buttered corn, this is one filling plate. I was too full to finish it so I got a little help from a pregnant woman (a.k.a. Abby) with a bottomless digestive system! :p

I can think of two things which make these fall-off-the-bone ribs mouthwatering. First, it has enough fats which kept the ribs really moist and flavorful. And second is the barbecue sauce which has the ideal blend of sweetness and saltiness.

DSC_0580 BBQ Ribs PHP240

And because the summer heat was just unbearable that day, I decided to try the Vanilla Iced Tea!

DSC_0576Vanilla Iced Tea PHP75

There are definitely greater things than the cuteness of this restaurant. In case you haven’t tried it yet, schedule a date in Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and let your taste buds convince you. =)

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery
Ground Floor Two Parkade
30th Street Corner 7th Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City


  1. Aaaayyy... I so miss dining out. :( and i think inggit na ako kasi mukhang sm ang bgc, they've got it all for you. :)


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