Restaurant Review: Shawarma Guys

Years ago, the Philippine shores were stormed by the arrival of shawarma. You’d find a shawarma stall in every mall, in the streets and even at LRT stations. And even if the shawarma fever has calmed down a bit, Filipinos still love this middle Eastern delight.

Last week, Boyet decided to pick me up for lunch. We were then joined by my office mates, Jen and Abby. We were just supposed to go to our favorite pizza and pasta place at Fort Strip, but the girls suggested we go to Shawarma Guys instead. Abby and I had tried their shawarma a few months ago and we both liked it. So on our next visit, the three of them decided to try the Shawarma Rice meals. All of them had the classic beef shawarma upgraded to replace the traditional pita wrap with yellow basmati rice. (Apologies for the crappy photos I just used my mobile phone to take these pictures. Heehee!)

Beef Shawarma Rice PHP139

The Beef Shawarma Rice is just like a deconstructed version of the shawarma we grew up with. The plate has beef strips on a bed of vegetables and then topped with shawarma sauce. I loved that the beef strips are very tender. There wasn't really much effort needed to chew it. Harharhar! I just hope that the basmati rice can be yellower by adding more butter.

My husband always tells me that between the two of us, I’m the more adventurous eater. Kita niyo naman, ako lang ang naiba! =)) I wanted to try out something else so I settled with a kebab meal instead of the shawarma rice. I initially had a hard time choosing between beef and chicken. Fortunately, they thought of having a combo meal. I got to have both!
DSC_0137Beef and Chicken Combo (Kebabs) PHP179

When my husband had a bite of the kebab, he got more convinced of his initial statement of me being adventurous with food! Ang tapang daw kasi. Hihi! The most noticeable thing about my meal was the succulence of the kebabs! Both are very moist and juicy. The chicken kebab has a finer texture and more subtle flavors too. The beef kebab has a stronger aftertaste. This meal is definitely not for the weak-hearted. And it’s definitely not the kind of meal you eat on a first date. Dinighay ko hanggang dinner yung kebab! =))

Shawarma Guys
Ground Floor, Fort Pointe Building, 
Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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  1. Yummy ang kebabs, especially pag lamb. Di ko makalimutan yung na-try ko dati sa Hossein's sa Serendra, una kasi masarap, pangalawa kasi libre. Haha. Oo nga sana mas yellow yung basmati rice. :)


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