Book Review: She’s Dating the Gangster

During our dinner get-together slash baby shower for Aubrey, my friend Erlie showed me her newly-purchased book. Just so you know, the universe conspired for us to become friends because we are all bookworms! Nyaha! Anyway, Erlie told me that a new KathNiel movie will be based on that book. That alone convinced me to buy my own copy of She’s Dating the Gangster. Fan na fan lang ng KathNiel, pasensya! :p

I was still recovering from my kilig overdose since it was just barely a month since I finished reading Operation: Break the Casanova’s Heart. It’s actually a tough act to follow so I really had high expectations for SDTG. So if you’re going to ask me if I liked She’s Dating the Gangster, my answer would be YES and NO. Because in all honesty, I had mixed feelings after I flipped the last page of the book.

I liked it because the story has very solid characters. You’ll definitely fall in love with Kenji’s transformations. Because seriously, every girl for at least once in her life, has fallen in love with a bad boy. I also fell in love with Lucas. He’s the typical guy from the friend zone who has mastered the art of loving from a distance. He surely made the story more interesting. I also liked SDTG because it’s more than just a love story as it speaks a lot about friendship and sacrificing for your friends. I was actually thinking of who would play Kenji’s friends in the movie adaptation. Hihi! And lastly, the book was able to give me the right mixture of kilig and tension.

I didn’t like it because some aspects of the story tend to be unrealistic. But then again, it’s a work of fiction so who am I to complain? Haha! I also do not agree with how the story was ended. Although it makes the story quite unpredictable (which is actually good), I was still caught off guard because it wasn't the ending I was expecting. It wasn't the kind of ending I was hoping. I am a firm believer of love, but I hate the destructive kind.

She’s Dating the Gangster is actually a good light read. Reading it made me look forward to the KathNiel movie! Nyaha! Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are actually the perfect pair to portray Athena and Kenji. Daniel has that innate bad boy angst (which really reminds me of Robin Padilla, haha!) while Kathryn has the vulnerability that is definitely needed for Athena’s character.

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