Restaurant Review: Slappy Cakes at SM Aura

A few days before my birthday, I dragged Joie with me to check out SM Aura. It was my first time to go there (IKR? Loserrr!) so Joie served as my tour guide. After checking out some shops and their supermarket, we decided to have an early dinner. I must go back to the supermarket because it is a domesticated wife’s haven! Anyway, we decided to go to the first restaurant we saw which happens to be Slappy Cakes. I had seen countless of blog entries and Facebook posts of this unique place which allows guests to have DIY pancakes so we agreed to give it a try.

There are different kinds of batter, fixins and toppings to choose from their menu. You can either stick to the conventional combinations or try to be more adventurous with your choices.

image-349400b3c8b2859512a4516c2e81d35af9725564dd343d4d797d32f18b7e92c6-VButtermilk PHP225
Chocolate Chips PHP45
Mangoes PHP60
Bacon PHP80
Nutella PHP75

Chocolate chips, mangoes, Nutella and bacon?! I know! I know! We both got a little excited and didn’t have the time to think about our choices. Parang gusto ko ngang ma-try lahat!

Our initial reaction after seeing the batter was, “Ayan na ‘yun?!” We were disappointed at first thinking that it would not be enough for both us. But surprisingly, we cooked the last half of the batter and took the leftover pancakes home. As the saying goes, “Don’t judge the batter by its container.” Of course, I just made that up! Haha!


image-31dc5ab95032197212fca904a79332d4d39f4a6061fb90b6178c5c11fc008bde-V   Don’t judge me. The chocolate chips-bacon combination was really good!

The menu at Slappy Cakes is not limited to pancakes alone. They have rice meals, all day breakfast meals, burgers and pasta dishes. Since we wanted something else aside from the pancakes, Joie suggested we get the Southern Fried Chicken Tenders.

image-7b83dcec0c6506bb3d49013bd68634766c27c7212e33416f782a6a2cf7defbc4-VSouthern Fried Chicken Tenders PHP350

Deep-fried chicken tenders come with potatoes and a creamy sauce. Once again, we were both surprised how generous the serving was. The chicken has a crunch on the outside but very moist at its core. However, Joie and I agreed that it was very bland. I first asked for some ketchup. But when that didn’t improve the taste, Joie asked for salt. Joie put salt on the sauce while I put some on my ketchup and the chicken on my plate. A dash of salt and other seasonings would have made this dish perfect. Pero sorry, ang tabang kasi talaga. =(

But overall, Joie and I both enjoyed our Slappy Cakes experience. The restaurant is very cozy and all the staff members are very accommodating and attentive. Plus, making your own pancakes is really an enjoyable experience.

Thank you, Joie for spending time with me! Kailan ang next na AWRA?! :p

Slappy Cakes
SM Aura Premier
G/F SM Aura Premier,
McKinley Parkway
McKinley Hill, Taguig

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