Turning 30

I had the most amazing birthday celebration ever! I never imagined how cool it is to turn 30 years old. When I was younger, I thought that birthday celebrations would stop when you reach 20. Hell, I was wrong! I will just give you a quick rundown of things because I am pretty sure that my birthday celebration is not yet over. I still have to spend the coming long weekend with some extended birthday celebrations. :)

On January 23, my Systems/SPG team mates “surprised” me with a cake and their super duper cool gift! Gift na napagkamalang breast pump ng isang madumi ang utak na nilalang na itago natin sa pangalang Abby! :p

cake Instagram post here

cookie Instagram post here
(This is not a breast pump!)

On that same day, I met my very dear friend, Joie and we spent the afternoon at SM Aura.

Earlier that day…

Joie: Je, Paano ba i-pronounce ang SM AURA? AWRA ba o ORA?
Je: Aba malay ko! Kaya nga sa Market! Market! lang ako palagi e!
Joie: Baliw!!!

I told her that it’s definitely not AWRA. Parang Tagalog kasi. Hindi nakatiis si ateng, tinanong ang lady guard kung ano ang tama! Bwahahahaha! 

Anyway, after strolling for a couple of hours and salivating over how soshal their supermarket is, we decided to have dinner at Slappy Cakes. I will reserve another post for our Slappy Cakes experience. Anyway, I think it was the first time that Joie and I spent some time together. Ang gulo naming dalawa! Tsismisan over pancakes! Bwahaha!

slappy Instagram post here

On the eve of my birthday, I spent almost the whole day attending a medical appointment. I was also in another one the day before. So medyo ginawa kong bisyo ang pagtambay sa St. Luke’s! =))

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Since my husband knew how stressful it was, I was treated like a princess the entire weekend! He didn’t even let me help with our laundry. Sana birthday ko araw-araw! :p

The following day, I felt that Boyet woke up earlier than the usual. After a few minutes, he woke me up for breakfast. McDo breakfast!!! It took me back to our ligaw days when he used to come to our house early in the morning with Big Breakfast! Weeeh! =)

mcdo Instagram post here

Tapos nakita ko pa ‘to sa dining table! Even before I opened the gift, tuwang tuwa na ako sa VCut pa lang! =)) These are from my brother and his girlfriend. Never mind the note that came with it. Hindi pwedeng walang pambubuska galing sa kapatid ko. :p

vcut Instagram post here

After breakfast, we then went to church and had lunch at UCC Cafe (that on another post). We were supposed to have dinner with my family, but I wasn’t feeling well. I wasn’t actually sick, but I felt sick because of a medical procedure that was done to me the day before. So instead of dining out, I just had some pizza, pasta and chicken wings delivered to our house.

Apologies for the crappy photos. These were taken using my Jurassic phone… na pinalitan na ng asawa ko!!! Wooohooo! =))

xperia Instagram post here

I spent months going back to different stores to scout for a new phone. But I always ended up backing out dahil sa sobrang kakuriputan ko. I even discouraged Boyet when he told me that he’d just give it to me as his birthday gift. Nanghihinayang kasi ako. Pero mapilit siya e! :p

The salesman told me that I’d get a free headset since it was my birthday. Ineeklay naman ako ni Kuya, e freebie naman talaga ‘yun. Bwahaha! Anyway, mas malinaw na ang Instagram posts ko in the future! HARHARHARHAR!!!

To end this post, please allow me to thank everybody who made my 30th birthday a memorable one!

Sa lahat ng bumati sa’kin sa Facebook, kahit na tamad na tamad na HBD lang, salamat! :p

To my TW family, in fairness hindi niyo na ako accidentally naisama sa conference na pinag-uusapan niyo kung anong ireregalo niyo sa’kin. Improving kayo mga teh! Thankies! =)

To my Navitaire friends, thank you! Pero hindi pa tayo tapos. May joint celebration pa kami ni Nanet… probably within the next 6 months! :p

Thanks to Joie for spending time with me before my birthday and for that super touching Instagram post. :p

Thanks to my BFF, Aubrey. Eto ang una kong nabasa noong birthday ko!

aubrey Instagram post here

Thanks to my other BFF, Erlie. In fairness, tumama ka na sa birthday ko! Akala ko 3-day celebration uli dahil last year, January 24 pa lang binabati mo na ako. :p

To my family, being with you on my special day is one of the reasons for me to consider it to be my happiest birthday ever. Kahit ‘yung kapatid ko na sobrang pasaway, ang bait nung birthday ko e! :p

To my husband, thank you for making me feel so special… birthday ko man o hindi. Ayiiiieee! Ampogi mo, tsong! :p

Now I know that being 30 does not suck at all! =)


  1. Belated happy birthday, Je! Ako naman I'm turning 31 this year, mas matanda pala ako sayo ng ilang buwan. Haha. I don't know with other people who have age issues but I love the feeling of getting older (and wiser) so I look forward to many more birthdays to come for myself. :)


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