A Prayer for the Birthday Girl

Something really horrible is happening today. I am turning 30!!! I am officially a member of the TANDERS CLUB! Hihi! But who cares?! There aren’t a lot of awesome 30-year-old women out there. Kaunti lang kami! Chos! =))

I was planning to write 30 Things I’m Grateful For, but I started yawning after writing the third item. It’s probably a sign of aging, eh? I hope I can still publish that post soon. Anyway, I am just checking in to let you know that your presence in my life, whether I know you personally or not, is definitely making my 30 years in this world more meaningful. Thank you for bearing with my craziness and nonsense stories. I promise to be back on my feet really soon and blog more often. May pinagdadaanan lang ang lola niyo. Grabe, literal na LOLA na me! :p Huwag muna kayong magtanong. Huwag din mag-assume. At higit sa lahat, huwag magbigay ng unsolicited advice. Birthday ko, huwag niyo kong bigyan ng stress. Ang bitchy ng lola! =))

But seriously, if it’s not too much to ask, can you please say a prayer for me today? Sunday naman, sakto magsisimba tayo! Gift niyo na ‘to sa’kin. I know that God knows the deepest desires of my heart and that He already knows what I yearn for even before I ask. So please pray for the heart of this 30-year-old girl, that it may be able to handle and accept whatever His will is for me. =)

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For now, I'm gonna parteehhh like it's mah betdey! I'm gonna partey like a LOLA! =))

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