Restaurant Review: Adobo Connection

Because Robinsons Manila has long been our ‘default’ mall for years, choosing for a place to eat has become an arduous task for us. That’s why Boyet and I got excited when we saw the huge banner saying that a new restaurant was about to open.

Adobo Connection immediately appealed to us because adobo is every Filipino’s favorite! Even if it is cooked in various methods, adobo remains a signature dish of the Philippines. So can you imagine a restaurant with a menu which consists mainly of adobo? Unfortunately, we got our hopes a little too high for Adobo Connection.

DSC_1383 Crispy Adobo Flakes PHP99

I decided to have the Crispy Adobo Flakes. Sadly, it was extremely oily. The adobo flavors were definitely masked by the oil.

Boyet had the Traditional Adobo Flakes. This was way better than my choice although it still didn’t blow me away. It was probably because there is a hint of sweetness in this adobo. I want mine really salty with a hint of sourness.

DSC_1375 Traditional Adobo Flakes PHP99

Our disappointments may have just  been caused by the fact that Adobo Connection was only on its soft opening when we visited. We could have made better choices from the menu, or our taste buds are probably just accustomed to the traditional home-cooked adobo. I will probably give this restaurant another chance because their adobo sa gata is really intriguing. I hope Adobo Connection will be able to redeem itself on our next visit.

Adobo Connection
Level 3
Robinsons Place Manila

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  1. I'm not too fond of that resto, either. Ang masarap lang sa kanila yung may gata na adobo. But then, we can't go wrong with anything with gata, diba? Hehe. :)


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