Kolokoy Household: Episode 32

Hello, guys! This is your lazy blogger checking in! I don’t know why I get lazier each day. I am not sure if it’s because of the weather or the fact that I am turning 30 this week! My hormones are spiking like a cray cray. Even if I’m doing something else, my mind is wandering somewhere. And every morning, I am having a hard time getting out of bed! So this is how it feels to be old, eh?!

Please pardon me for neglecting this blog (once again). And allow me to make up with you with this Kolokoy Household post. I just can’t promise when my next post will be! :p


A few weeks ago, Boyet and I visited my in-laws. Rai, Boyet’s 3-year-old nephew told us that they watched Vice Ganda’s movie.

Rai: Tito Boyet! Nanood kami ng pelikula ni Vice Ganda!!!
Boyet: Ah talaga? GIRL, BOY, BAKLA, TOMBOY?!
Rai: Hindi ‘yun! Mali!
Boyet: … … …


Because I am used to doing something "new" before my birthday, I decided to have a haircut over the weekend. Just like last year, my new hairdo is a bit different. I wanted to color it red, but I am not sure if the company I’m working for will kick me out if I come to the office with a bloody hair. So instead of coloring my hair, I decided to get some... uhmm... bangs! As in full bangs!

My husband said that it’s bagay, but I don’t believe him.

Exhibit A!

Me: Bagay ba?
Boyet: Oo naman. Kamukha mo nga si DORA e. Hehe. 
Me: E 'di mas maganda. Bagay tayo kasi kamukha mo si BOOTS! Hahahaha!!!
Boyet: Takte. Akala ko nakaisa na ako!

Dora_and_BootsImage taken from en.wikipedia.org

Exhibit B!

Boyet: May backpack ka ba?
Me: Siraulo!!!
Boyet: O bakit? Nagtatanong lang naman ako kung may backpack ka ha.
Me: Kanina sa salon sabi ka ng sabi na magpa bangs ako. Sabi mo bagay naman sa’kin, tapos ngayon sasabihin mong panget!
Boyet: Ang sabi ko lang kamukha mo si DORA. 'Di ko sinabi na pangit ka! Bakit, pangit ba si DORA?


Have a nice week! =)

Please don’t ask me to post photos of my new hairdo!!! :p

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