Someone is finally on Instagram!!!

One of the most common questions I get asked, both from friends and readers, is if I have an Instagram account. When I say I don’t have one, they never fail to ask me why.

First, I feel like I have too many social networking sites to maintain. There are days when I don’t get to read my Facebook timeline and Twitter feeds. I signed up for Pinterest, but I wasn't able to utilize it. It is already difficult for me to maintain a blog, much more for another social media account.

Second, my mobile phone has a very crappy camera!!! I think this reason is enough already. Hahaha! When I take pictures using my Jurassic camera phone, everything turns out to be either blurred or grainy. Sorry, wala akong perang pampalit ng phone. Hihi.

Lastly, Instagram just would not install on my phone! I tried it several times before. Either the installation fails or if it succeeds, my phone crashes. Again, pasensya wala akong pera. =))

But a few nights ago, I gave it another try. I left the installation running while I took a bath. And then voila! It worked!

Somebody actually got a little too excited and announced to the world that I already have an IG account. :p

IG Image taken from Joie’s Instagram account

I told you my camera phone is soooo bad! =))

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