The First Thing My Husband Wants For Our House

One night, Boyet and I were discussing about the things that we need to buy when we transfer to our own house next year.
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My concern was simple. The down payment already drained our savings, so what would be left for us to spend for buying furniture and appliances? My very bright husband said something that cracked me up! He said…

"The first thing we must buy is a BED…

If we have more money to spare, we’ll buy MORE BEDS…

We’ll have a house FULL OF BEDS!"

Don’t ask me why, ask my husband and his very dirty mind! =))

But on a more serious note, the fact that we’re down to the last stretch is making me really excited. We’re going to be homeowners soon! I know that some married couples are very lucky to have parents who gift them with a house. But deep in my heart, I know that I am very lucky too. My parents may not be well-off to give me a house, but they trained me well enough to know the value of hard work. They taught me how to manage my finances well. When I was younger, I despised my parents for not spoiling me while I see other kids being showered with EVERYTHING. Now, I am just so glad that I didn’t turn out to be a SPOILED BRAT. My parents showed their generosity to me and to my husband too not by giving us a house, but by welcoming us in their own. I will forever be grateful for my parent’s generosity. When we got married, my parents told us that we don’t need to buy a house. “Sa inyo ‘tong bahay na ‘to. Dalawa lang kayong magkapatid, sa inyo ‘to.” But I still insisted that someday, we need to get out of my parents’ nest and build our own. We need to spread our wings and learn how to fly on our own. They forgot that they taught me that as well. =)

When Boyet and I started having talks of settling down, we were so idealistic. We wanted to have our own house before we get married. I got frustrated when it didn’t happen. We could have opted to rent a house, but that would be more difficult for us since we were preparing to buy our own. So I swallowed my pride (and Boyet probably did the same too) and lived with my parents. But looking back, I can’t help but think how our inability to have a house right away did something good to our marriage. I saw how my husband’s relationship with my family flourished. I saw how my husband respected my parents’ rules. It’s their house after all. We learned how to argue without shouting at each other (although I do all the shouting most of the time :p) because we don’t want our parents to be alarmed. Boyet and I also learned how to share whatever little we have. How? We currently stay in my room, the very same cramped room that I used when I was still single. Can you imagine how pissed I was that I had to share it with another person? Hahaha! I have two closets, which by the way were not enough for me. And then one day, here comes another person sharing my closet space!!! At siya pa ang mayabang. Magbawas daw ako ng gamit!!! He even wanted me to put all my books in a box so we can utilize my shelf. Pero ‘yung LEGO nya, may sariling space. And oh, did I mention that I need to share my television with him?! Let’s erase the word SHARE, because most of the time, he owns the TV! =)) But I will never ever trade these experiences. I loved how we became more resourceful in managing our little space. I realized that we can survive even if we have less in life. And we finally learned how to compromise, like TV is mine when it’s Got to Believe and it becomes his when it’s time for Spongebob Squarepants. :p

Lastly, I realized that there is no point in worrying. When we decided to buy our first house (FIRST because I am claiming that we’re going to have a bigger house in the future), we were too worried that we’d ran out of funds. But God made ways to tell us to just jump! We simply said, “Let’s go! God will provide!” A lot of sacrifices went with fulfilling our dream of building our own house. For starter, we had to limit our travels. Then comes the change in lifestyle. But look where we are now. We’re ALMOST there!!! So yeah, God will ALWAYS find ways. We just have to be ready to work hand in hand with Him. I need not to worry about what to put inside our house. I know we can survive with just monoblock tables and chairs. Things will surely fall into their proper places sooner or later. But yeah, a good bed is probably necessary! :p


  1. thank you for this post. super swerte nyo nakahanap kayo agad ng bahay, kami walang mahanap haha! lupa kasi gusto namin, ang hirap mag hanap! idol! congrats sa new house nyo!

  2. Congrats on the house! Next year na pala ang lipat nyo. Ang mga gamit, unti-unti yan. Soon or later, mas madami na sya at wala na paglagyan sa house. That was the case when we moved to our own house in Bacoor right after our wedding. :)


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