A Very Early Christmas Gift from Santa Baby

It was part of my wish list last year and the year before that. It is one of the very few items that I could not take out of my wish list. It’s not that I can’t pay for it, but each time I intend to buy it, something more important comes up. And when we started paying for our house, I accepted the fact that I will never have it. Ironically, Papa has one. I gave him the idea to ask his best friend (who is also my Ninong) who lives in Seattle to buy one for both of us, and we’ll pay him when he arrives in Manila. But he got shy! He knew that Tito would refuse the payment. So to cut the long story short, he got one and I didn’t.

Each time I pass by an optical shop, I always look at it with a promise deep in my heart that I will one day have it. Some of you may have 5 or 10 of this. Alam kong barya lang ‘to sa iba sa inyo. But not for me. For someone who has been working so hard all her life just to get what she wants, this is already a stretch. Like duh! I had to be a valedictorian to get a Nokia 3210 phone! Kapag salutatorian lang daw ako, waley! Ganyan sa’kin ang nanay ko. I was never spoiled. I had to work my ass off all the time. But I am not complaining, of course.

Anyway, as my husband and I were strolling in the mall on the first day of December, he pulled me inside an optical shop. Apparently, he has been sneaking his way through it for the longest time. He asked me to try it out. And before I knew it, he asked me to buy it. I refused. Papilit pa ako. But when he said the magic words, hindi na ako nagpakipot pa! Sabi kasi niya, “Ako ang magbabayad!” Yessssssss!!! Hinipo ko siya ng ilang beses kasi baka nilalagnat. Hindi naman! An opportunity like this comes only once in a blue moon, so I grabbed it.

And finally, I got this one out of my wish list!!! It really pays to be a good girl! :p

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a materialistic wifey. As a matter of fact, this is probably the first time in 9 years that he gave me something with this price tag. Sabi ko nga, Tortillos lang masaya na ako. Remember one time binigyan ako ng Pretzels na galing pa sa wallet ko ang pinambili niya, pero kilig to the max pa rin akech. Hihi.

But there is more to this gift. It has been a tough year for me. Compared to last year, 2013 is ‘slower’ when it comes to the realizations of our goals. I always feel like things are falling apart even if we work hard and pray harder. I’m pretty sure that this gift is his way of saying that I’m doing well in this battle, that I’m always deserving of all the best things in life, and that together, we make each other’s wishes come true. =)

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  1. Merry christmas je! Still u never faiked to make me smile with ur blogs!!! More blogs to share.. more stories to share this 2014!!!


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