Restaurant Review: Miso-Ten Ramen & Tempura

I didn’t even know that Flapjacks in Robinsons Manila was no longer operational and that a Japanese restaurant has replaced it. Miso-Ten is housed in the part of the mall that I don’t usually go to that’s why it took us a while to give this a try. If not for my younger brother, I wouldn’t have known that this exists.

One rainy Sunday after hearing mass, we decided to pay it a visit. The weather actually cooperated as a bowl of ramen for lunch was fitting for that day. While scanning the menu board standing outside the restaurant, we had decided that we’d just share with one of their Ramen Special Sets as we weren’t sure how big the serving of the ramen was.

When we entered the vibrant restaurant, we were cheerfully greeted by their staff members who were all smiles! There was specifically one waiter who was smiling all the time. Parang tuwang tuwa sa galak at enjoy na enjoy sa trabaho niya si Kuya. Hihi. Because you have to agree with me that even if you are being served with great food but the one serving looks bored, bitter or inattentive, then you’ll forget the taste of the food. Parang humahalo ang sama ng loob ng server sa food. =))

Anyway, when you decide to get the Ramen Special Set (PHP450), you get to choose any kind of ramen which goes with gyoza and chahan. Hubby opted to have the Tonkotsu Ramen. My younger brother told us that we should have tried their ramen with miso as this is the restaurant’s specialty. Honganaman! Miso-Ten nga naman sila, hindi Tonkotsu-Ten! =))

DSC_1194 Tonkotsu Ramen

But the Tonkotsu Ramen was also good. The pork-based broth is really tasty, the pork is very tender, and the aroma of the sesame seeds is very inviting. Between hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs, my vote goes with the latter that’s why I love the aji tamago toppings in the Tonkotsu ramen. It sort of thickens the texture of the broth as the yolk dissolves with it.

While we were giving our orders, the waiter told us that we could have something else aside from gyoza. (I totally forgot what it was.) Hubby wanted to get it, but I gave him a frown and my you-shall-not-mess-with-your-wife-who-loves-gyoza look. I said, “No! I want gyoza! Gyoza! Gyoza! Gyoza!” Before you all go judging me, I am not a spoiled brat. But I become one if gyoza is at stake. Hehe!

DSC_1179 Gyoza

I am just so glad that I fought this gyoza's rights! Nyaha! The gyoza was really good. The serving size is actually large enough to fill my growling stomach. Paired with the dipping sauce, this gyoza is perfect! Well, at least for me. :p

We initially thought that the chahan would not be enough for us. But we were surprised that we were not able to finish it. Parang bottomless! @_@ Boyet and I agreed that it is less oily than the chahan from other restaurants. Actually, it’s not oily at all. =)

DSC_1183 Chahan 

Thinking that the set meal would not be enough for us, I decided to have the Mango Kani Salad. Well, our assumption was wrong because the set meal was too much for our tummies to handle. However, I still had some room left for the salad. Teehee!

Shredded kani and cucumber are sitting on a bed of lettuce, and then topped with mangoes and Japanese mayo. This salad is so refreshing! I loved the fact that there was enough Japanese mayo to coat the entire bowl. I just hope that the mayo used was a bit lighter as the taste gets overpowering after a few bites. But other than that, I still enjoyed it.

DSC_1192 Mango Kani Salad PHP150

Overall, our first time at Miso-Ten was such a nice experience. The very inviting restaurant interiors, good food and very friendly staff made what was supposed to be an ordinary lunch extra special.

Miso-Ten Ramen & Tempura
Level 1 Robinsons Place Manila
Ermita, Manila

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