Kolokoy Household: Episode 26

Hello, everybody. If you are reading this post, say a silent prayer to thank God that you were still able to wake up this morning. A lot of our countrymen in the Visayas region were not as lucky. I know that all of us are devastated (probably except Tanda, Sexy and Pogi) as we watch clips of fellow Filipinos who died, lost their homes, are looking for their missing loved ones, and resorted in looting out of desperation. So before you continue reading this post, I hope you say a little prayer for our country. And I hope you do realize that you are spared for a reason.

Donate. Volunteer. Pray.

Now, in my attempt to make you smile this Monday morning, here’s Episode 26!


Boyet: Sana kapag nagkaanak tayo, maging basketball player. ‘Yung tipong six footer.
Me: HAHAHAHAHA! Ungas! Mali ka ng pinakasalan. Palit ka ng asawa, magkakatotoo ‘yan. Nyaha!

4’11’’ ako, 5’4’’ si Boyet. Ayun ang punchline dun! =))


We were supposed to go out over the weekend to buy some of my meds. But since I haven’t been feeling well since my asthma attack last week, our plan didn’t push through. I asked Boyet to do it for me.

Me: Ay, kaso lang wala akong cash. E balak ko pa naman mag credit card kung natuloy tayong umalis.
Boyet: Akin na ‘yung credit card mo. Ako gagamit. Pangalang lalaki naman ‘yung JERELLT e, hindi naman na halata ‘yun. Gagayahin ko na lang pirma mo.
Me: Sira! Baka mamaya mahuli ka.
Boyet: Bakit? Kapag nahuli ba ako, ipapakulong mo pa ako?
Me: Oo! Tapos ipapatubos kita sa pamilya mo. E ‘di tumubo pa ako!
Boyet: Asa ka! Asa kang tutubusin nila ako. =))


While I was scanning our medicine cabinet at home, I noticed packs of Polident. I honestly didn’t know how to use it because I don’t have dentures, so I asked Mama.

polident Image taken from sale.dentist.net

Me: Ma, sa pustiso ‘tong Polident ‘di ba?
Mama: Oo.
Me: Ihuhulog mo sa tubig ‘yung tableta, tapos parang Alka-Seltzer na matutunaw at bubula ‘yung tubig?
Mama: Oo.
Me: Tapos imumumog mo?
Mama: Hindi! Ibababad ko dun ‘yung pustiso ko.
Me: E bakit hindi na lang TIDE?
Mama: Siraulo!
Me: JOY di rin pwede?


Because of the Polident brouhaha, my father told Boyet a story which happened some time ago, also concerning Mama’s dentures. =))

Here it goes…

Mama: Ang sakit ng singaw ko. Tumatama sa pustiso e.
Papa: Ipahid mo kasi ‘yung gamot ko sa singaw. O tapos habang sinisipilyo mo ‘yung pustiso mo, nakababad na ‘yung gamot sa singaw mo. Tapos, magmumog ka na.
Me: Bakit? Nasa pustiso ni Mama ‘yung singaw niya?!

Pasensiya na, tao lang! Nalito ako sa instructions ni Papa e! :p

Allow me to end this entry by posting a prayer by Bo Sanchez.

bo Image taken from the Facebook page of Bo Sanchez

Heavenly Father, we also pray for the strength of all the soldiers, policemen, rescue workers, medical practitioners and volunteers.

We pray that those who were spared by the storm may realize that they too have a part to fulfill in rebuilding our nation.

Lord, please touch the hearts of all the corrupt government officials so they may soon realize that a lot of innocent people are suffering from their greed.

We pray this as a nation, in Jesus' name, Amen!

Happy Monday!

Donate. Volunteer. Pray.

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