Restaurant Review: Sariwon Korean Barbecue

The last time we were at Bonifacio High Street, we were choosing between Nolita and Sariwon. At that time, I had lunch at a Korean restaurant so we decided to give Nolita a try. But that didn't stop us from trying out Sariwon a couple of weeks later.

I was still feeling a bit sad that we had to cancel our trip to Korea. And since it was the same night that Super Junior was rocking Manila, sakto ang Korean restaurant! Walang konek! Harharhar!!!

As soon as we got settled, a waiter started putting some complimentary appetizers on our table. Plate by plate, he was telling us what it is called along with its Korean translation. I am really bad in foreign language so I forgot everything he said. Hihi. I loved everything. But my favorites would have to be the squash and the potatoes. =)

DSC_1101 Appetizers

My husband immediately scanned the menu as soon as it was handed to him. I could see the panic on his face because I know that dining in a Korean restaurant is not his favorite thing in the world. But surprisingly, he was able to decide quickly.

Galbitang is beef ribs soup with brisket. My husband asked the waiter, “Ano ‘to parang nilaga ng Korea?” The waiter replied, “Parang ganun na nga po.” HIHIHIHI!

DSC_1105 Galbitang PHP380

The soup is very tasty! We could not help but repeatedly say that it’s really good. The meat is very succulent. We initially thought that it was chewy because of how it looks, but it was very tender.

We also had Dak Galbi, which according to the menu is grilled boneless chicken delicately marinated overnight in a secret spice sauce for that tangy taste.

DSC_1115Dak Galbi PHP380

We tried dipping the chicken in the sauce that came with it and wrapped it in lettuce with the spicy paste. And then, we tried eating it as it is with rice. Both are absolutely satisfying. Every piece of chicken is packed with so many flavors.

We enjoyed everything on our table, from the appetizers up until to the main dishes. It may not come close as to how I would have felt if we were able to pursue our trip to Korea, but at the very least, our tummies were filled beyond belief. =)

Sariwon Korean Barbecue
7th Ave. cor. 29th Street
Bonifacio High Street
Taguig City


  1. Mauna na kayo sa Korea daliiii haha!
    i love korean food, complimentary appetizer palang busog kana :)

  2. Ay gusto ko din yung mga appetizers nila. Tried a Korean Resto once. Natuwa ako ng bongga sa appetizers. Buti unli!


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