Product Review: Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo from The Souq Organics

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I discovered another gem from The Souq Organics. I have been using their Moroccan Argan Oil for 2 months, and I noticed how the quality of my skin significantly changed. No more dry and chapping skin. Read my review here.

When I was researching the benefits of Argan oil, I found out that it is also good for the hair. But since I am just too lazy to apply something to my damp hair after shampooing, I don’t use it on my hair. Fortunately, The Souq Organics has this!

My last hair treatment was more than three years ago. I stopped all kinds of hair treatments because it is very expensive and my hair could no longer handle the stress because my hair strands are naturally thin.

After trying out numerous brands of shampoo, I finally found something that tamed my frizzy hair. I still get a lot of bad hair days, but my hair has become softer and more manageable with it. Unfortunately, it could not address one serious hair problem.


Some of you may probably say, “Ewww! May dandruff si Je!” Ahh, like, duh! Si Angel Locsin nga diyosa na, endorser pa ng anti-dandruff shampoo ako pa kayang mortal lang! :p

My dandruff used to come and go. It wasn’t actually a constant problem. I am not sure if stress contributes to dandruff, but I noticed that I see dandruff flakes only on my stressful days. Nyaha. Anyway, I have tried a lot of anti-dandruff shampoo. Some worked, some didn’t. Out of all the brands that worked, it comes with hair fall. I could not afford to lose more hair. =))

Then, I discovered the Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo from The Souq Organics. First of all, it smells really good. I noticed that I never had itchy scalp ever since I started using it. It moisturizes my scalp really well. No more dandruff flakes!

It is a bit expensive, though. The 200mL bottle costs PHP1250 so I only use it every other day, hand in hand with my current shampoo brand. But it is definitely worth it as it gives me softer and dandruff-free hair. =)

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