Greenwich Pizza & Pasta

Prior to our visit over the weekend, the last time I had something from Greenwich was probably 4 years ago when I was still working in my previous company. There was a whole month when we would have Greenwich Lasagna Supreme and pizza delivered to our office every Friday. We would get pizza and a Full Pan Lasagna. Yes, full pan!!! And do you want to know how many people share with such a feast? Hold your breath. Four! Four hungry monsters with big appetites would share pizza and pasta. When our Greenwich “leader” left the company, we stopped our addiction. And I wasn’t able to come back to any Greenwich stores or even dare to have something delivered to our house maybe because Greenwich reminds me of how much I miss those 3 monsters! Hahaha! Chos lang! :p

Anyway, after hearing mass last Sunday, I gave in to an inner urge to go back to Greenwich. I missed their lasagna big time! And I have been meaning to try their Pizza Thins for the longest time. Because I wanted to have both pizza and pasta, I had to convince my husband to share the pizza with me. He made me promise that we would EQUALLY share the 9-inch pizza. Because of this, I decided to simply have the smaller serving of lasagna along with the pizza.

DSC_0532All-Meat Pizza Thins (Solo) PHP199

I love eating thin-crust pizza mainly because I get to savor all the tasty toppings. I get to taste all the wonderful flavors without being masked by the blandness of a thick bread. And I also get that distinct crunch that only thin-crust pizzas have. I decided to have protein overload and got their All-Meat Pizza. With a dash of hot sauce, Boyet and I immediately gulped down the entire pizza in no time.

Greenwich’s lasagna is one of my favorites. It’s creamy but not overpowering. I love that it melts in my mouth at each bite. It has meatier sauce and tons of cheese. Each bite is a burst of sweet, peppery and tangy flavors in my mouth. The garlic bread on the side is also good. Plus, it’s very affordable.

DSC_0528  Lasagna Supreme (Snack Size) PHP89

Aside from half of the pizza, Boyet also got the Overloaded Meal A. His plate consists of a piece of juicy fried chicken, rice and spaghetti. He swiped the spaghetti in an instant that I had to remind him that I still had to taste it. Huling subo lang ang inabot ko! =)) Their fried chicken is actually a saltier (not in a bad way) version of Jollibee’s Chickenjoy.

DSC_0522 Overloaded Meal A PHP99

We just paid half of the usual amount we spend when we dine out. I was so surprised that Greenwich has managed to keep the quality of their foods without compromising their prices. I will not wait for another 4 years to come back! =)

Greenwich Pizza & Pasta
Ground Level
Robinsons Place Manila

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  1. Their lasagna is my favorite too! Kulang na lang kainin ko yan araw araw! :)


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