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Christmas is just around the corner. Some people would argue that Christmas is just for kids and that adults only look at it as the time of the year when they go on a mandatory spending spree. Add to this Grinch-like attitude is the fact that time seems to be always in a hurry as soon the BER months have started. We always feel like there are so many things to be accomplished in a short span of time. It’s like waking up one day and then, “Hey! It’s Christmas Eve already!” Because of our very busy schedules and the perception that Christmas is all about giving something to somebody, we tend to forget that Christmas is also the time of the year when we have an excuse to spoil ourselves. Harharhar! Yes, you should share your 13th month bonus. But don’t forget to reward yourself. You deserve something for working non-stop for 12 months. I know that some people spoil themselves 24/7. But for frugal people like me, this may actually be a stretch already. :p And since frugality is running throughout my veins, I am actually trying to restrain myself from going to the mall for fear that I would resort to unplanned spending. How many times have we told ourselves that we’re only going to window shop and end up swiping our credit cards like there’s no tomorrow? Guilty ka ‘no?! :p Because of this, I have resorted to what I call is “online window shopping”. I go to online shopping stores like Lazada and do the things that a window shopper does. While doing this, I have actually come up with my own Christmas wish list!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 (Pink)

How ironic can our technology be? Just a few years ago, we all ditched our analog cameras and replaced them with digital cameras. And now, everybody wants to have an Instax! My problem with digital cameras is that I take too many photos yet they all end up on my hard drive or to my Facebook account. I can’t remember the last time I printed my photos. But if I get to own an Instax, I can have the photo instantly. Tapos ang cute na ipapagpag at hihipan mo lang, may image na! Hahaha! :p And if Santa Claus gives me this, I can probably start my long time wish of getting into scrapbooking. Lastly, I fell in love with it the first time I saw it because it’s pink! Ang demure lang! =))

LG 26 cu. ft. Inverter Linear Compressor Refrigerator GR-P267FSN (Stainless)

I know what you’re thinking! Who on Earth would want to receive a refrigerator for Christmas?! Well, me! I know that Santa Claus will be having one helluva hard time making this fit into a chimney. It will actually be more difficult for him because we don’t have a chimney. Harharharhar! But I seriously want a refrigerator because we will be moving in to our own house next year. I want our refrigerator to have two doors. Para ‘yung mga damit na hindi na kasya sa cabinet ko, ire-ref ko na lang. Hahaha! And I want it to have a water dispenser. Wala lang, gusto ko lang para sosyal! Hehehe!

Imarflex 2 in 1 Juice Extractor & Ice Shaver IJ-7180

Everybody seems to be into juicing. I want to join the bandwagon because I need to boost my immune system. Two asthma attacks in a span of one month is not a good record for me this year. Plus, it can probably help me lose all those unwanted fats all over my body. Nyaha! This one also includes an ice shaver. I can’t remember the last time we had homemade halo-halo because our ice shaver gave up on us years ago.

Chelsi Leathershop Nicos Passport Holder (Dark Blue)

Although Boyet and I have put all our travel plans on hold because we’re paying for a house, I still want to have out of the country vacations as soon as our finances are more stable. And in the few times that I went out of the country, I would just put my passport in one of the pockets of my carry-on luggage. There were a couple of times when I panicked thinking that I lost it only to find out that I just placed it in another pocket. So this passport holder will come in handy in my future trips. Since it also has card holders, I can place my identification and credit cards along with my emergency money inside.

JanSport Superbreak II (Black)

I grew up wanting to have a JanSport bag. I grew old without owning one! Hahaha! When I was still studying, my parents refused to buy me a JanSport bag because it is a bit expensive. Now that I can afford one for myself, my need for a backpack is no longer as big as to when I was studying. I use a laptop bag going to work and a small sling bag when I go out. But I realized that this will come in handy on our future trips! I can pack here some travel essentials which will help me survive even if the airline accidentally sends my check-in luggages to Iraq!

Sony Xperia Z 16GB (White)

I have been meaning to retire my Jurassic mobile phone. It hangs non-stop! I don’t have any games installed in it. The only non-standard applications I installed were Facebook, Tweetcaster and Daily Bible. But it still freezes all the time. So I checked out the mobiles and tablets category of Lazada. The problem is that I also want to buy another point and shoot camera. I am quite tired of bringing my bulky DSLR camera every time I go to a restaurant. Medyo iskandalosa din kasi ang DSLR. I am now torn between buying a phone and a camera. But my friend Joie suggested Sony Xperia Z to me. According to her, the specs for Xperia’s camera are quite impressive. So if I have a little more money to spare by the end of the year, I want to have this! =))

That’s it! I have managed to come up with my own Christmas wish list without battling horrible traffic and crowded malls. Naka-save pa ako sa gas. Nyaha! Cheers to all online window shoppers like me! :p

Note: All images are taken from Lazada PH

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  1. Mabuhay ang window shoppingera!!! :) Hahahahahahaha!! Dagdag ko ang Lazada sa aking list of online window shopping sites...


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