Throwback Thursday: My Love-Hate Relationship with Cakes

I am not ashamed to admit that I didn’t have everything served to me on a silver platter when I was growing up. Well, it is still the same up to this day. My parents never spoiled us because 1) we’re not well off and 2) parents aren’t supposed to spoil their kids, period. I remember being friends with kids who celebrate their birthdays with Jollibee, Popo and Hetty gracing their parties. I never experienced that. But don’t get me wrong. I was a very shy kid so I don’t think I would have enjoyed such celebration. Plus, Mama is very frugal. Mas mura daw ang birthday sa bahay kesa sa Jollibee. At, mas masarap daw ang luto niya kesa sa fast food. Honganaman!

I vividly remember some of the parties I had at home. Mama would usually cook spaghetti, lumpia, fried chicken and those hotdogs with marshmallows na nakatusok ‘yung stick sa repolyo! Nyaha! Most importantly, there would always be a cake with intricate icing and flower-shaped candies. Consistent ‘yun. Laging ganun. Hindi pa kasi uso mga theme cakes noon! :p

When it was time for me to blow the candle, my visitors (who are mostly just my cousins!!!) would gather around me. Eto na rin ang time na ready na si Mama with our Jurassic camera! Kids, wala pang DSLR noon. Film pa, ‘yung kailangang i-rewind at may chance na maging “exposed” kung minamalas ka! Mwahahaha!!! =))

I love cakes. That’s why I don’t have the slightest idea why I always looked awkward in my birthday photos!!! Hindi yata talent ni Mama ang pagkuha ng pictures! :p

cake2 Parang may galit naman ako sa cake dito!

cake3 Siguro wrong spelling ang name ko sa cake ko kaya nakabusangot ako dito. :p

This one is my favorite! Ayan lang kasi ang parang masaya ako e. :p


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