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Jamba Juice invaded the Philippine market a couple of years ago. And just like all the other crazes which came before it, Jamba Juice immediately became a hit to Filipinos.

The Jamba Juice at Bonifacio High Street is a long walk from our office. And in the many times that I attempted to try it out, I always ended up retreating from the long queue of people. So one Thursday afternoon when BHS was still less crowded than the usual, my husband and I finally gave it a try.

I was starting to have some symptoms of flu so my best friend suggested the Orange C-Booster. I was looking at the giant menu board when a staff member approached us. She probably noticed the hoarseness in my voice and convinced me to try the Orange C-Booster. Madali naman akong kausap. Orange C-Booster it is! :) On the other hand, Boyet got the Five Fruit Frenzy.

DSC_0303 Orange C-Booster PHP155
Five Fruit Frenzy PHP155

I was surprised that my drink didn’t hurt my teeth because I was expecting it to be on the sour side. I think I need to get more of this drink since my immune system always gets weaker on BER months.

I thought Boyet would not like the Five Fruit Frenzy. Unlike me, he doesn’t really like the taste of berries. I was already willing to finish his drink but he didn’t need my help at all.

Since I am sipunin, I think I should come to Jamba Juice more often. Hachuuuuu!!! Yes, I have been down with flu since yesterday. The perks of being hikain! =(

Stay healthy! ^_^

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  1. Once pa lang ako nakatry ng Jamba Juice, doon naman sa MOA branch nila. Naglambing ako kay hubby at ibinili naman ako kahit namamahalan sya. Nakihati rin pala sya sa juice ko. Haha. :)

    P.S. Get well soon, Je! :)


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