Ask the Kolokoys: Anniversary Gift Ideas

When we launched Ask the Kolokoys last week, we didn’t realize that someone would have the courage to send in a question. So to Bella, the (un)lucky guinea pig who gave in to our whims, thank you.


When I read your email, I was so confident. I knew that I would be able to help you even with my eyes closed. But I realized that after so many anniversaries I spent with Boyet, choosing for a gift has remained a difficult task. Every person in a relationship gets stressed out as the anniversary gets closer and he/she is still empty-handed. I know how hard it is to make sure that your special someone loves your gift so I do hope that we may be able to help you.

1. Know his interests.

I know that this is the most basic thing to think when looking for a gift. But it is surprising that a lot of people forget to keep this in mind. Give your special someone something for his collection, or something that would help him develop his hobby more. I love books so a book is Boyet’s default gift for me.

Some of you are probably thinking, “Wala naman kwenta ‘yang advice ni Je!” You might think that giving him something that he already likes is a thoughtless act. Parang hindi pinag-isipan. But you might be surprised that this can actually get a little tricky. Take this as an example. What if Boyet gave me a book that I already have? Giving your partner something that interests him will make your partner feel that you do REALLY know him. I know that buying something off the shelf is such an easy task. But researching and doing all those sneaky moves just to know whether he already has whatever you are going to give him might actually be a difficult task to carry on.

2. Help him develop a new hobby.

Boyet loves to play basketball. But because of his past knee injuries, he couldn’t play basketball as often as he used to. Aside from watching sports channel and Spongebob Squarepants, he doesn’t really have a “permanent” hobby.

Boyet excelled in our Engineering Graphics subject in college. He handles people in the office, and this sometimes stresses the hell out of him. I know that he is patient and that he is willing to spend a long time thinking of how to get out of a specific dilemma. I added all of these things and figured out that he might actually love if I gave him a Lego. Since then, it has become his hobby to collect Lego toys. Medyo mali nga lang ako kasi ang mahal na ng hobby niya! @_@ Kaya Bella, pag-isipan mo ‘tong mabuti! :p

3. Know his wish list.

When I celebrated my 29th birthday, I used this blog to let my husband know of my wish list. Harharhar! But if your partner is not as kafalmuks as me, you may ask his friends. Be observant of the signs. Trick him to tell you what he likes to receive. But make sure that you don’t get too obvious. Medyo kailangan ng practice and sneaky moves sa part na ‘to. At konting talent sa acting! :p

Boys, if your girlfriends spend hours inside the same store every week checking the price tag of a specific item, take that as a cue! Either naghihintay siya mag-SALE ‘yung item o pinaparamdam niya na bilhan mo siya nun. :p ‘Wag kayong manhid! :p

4. Eat. Eat. Eat.

You can never go wrong with a romantic dinner date. Go to a dinner cruise. Parang Maya at Ser Chief. :p Bring him to a hotel with an extensive buffet spread. Cook something for him. Bake him a cake. Buy him chocolates. Walang mintis ang pagkain! But of course you have to be mindful of your partner’s health. Kung high blood, ‘wag mag buffet. Kung diabetic, sugar-free cake. Nyaha! :p

5. Reminisce!

Do something or take him to the place that will help both of you reminisce the day you met each other or the day you gave your most precious “YES” to him. When we were having a difficult time before we got married, Boyet surprised me, took me to an unknown place which I later on realized was actually the place where we officially became a couple. And he did this on our monthsary. Take note, it was not even our anniversary!

Go to the restaurant where you had your first date. Do an AVP of your old photos together. Stay at home and rent the movie that you first watched as a couple. Wear the same dress you wore when you first kissed. Lie under the stars while listening to your wedding/theme song. Boys, girls are actually very good in remembering these kinds of details. So if you can come up with something like this, your partner will definitely fall in love with you over and over again.


Je has been asking me to help her on her blog. I was actually hesitant at first because I don’t have any background on writing. But since I’m a loving, faithful, honest, loyal, understanding, and a supportive husband, I decided to help her and drag myself into this miserable task (yari ako pag nabasa nya to. Hehe).  I will try to help you guys on your problems whatever it may be. Sabi ko nga kay misis, papanisin natin si Ramon Bautista sa mga magiging payo ko.

Bella is asking for anniversary gift ideas. Before I give my advice, let us first dissect the suggestions given by Je. All of her suggestions are actually good but just want to give you another perspective so you can decide better at the end of this post.

Know his interests.

The reason you want to give something to your partner is for him/her to be happy. Yeah, right! Believe me, the reason why you want him happy is because you love him. You want your relationship to stay longer. But do you think giving him his interest would help you do that? Come on! I’ve heard a lot of couples breaking up because the guy always plays with his PSP rather than dating his partner. Or playing basketball with friends and leaving his girlfriend on the sideline. Or hanging out with his barkada and telling her girlfriend that he’s at the office working overtime.  My point is, you don’t want to give something that would make your boyfriend do that is not actually connected to both of you. That might be something that would keep him out of reach.

[Jerellt] Hindi ka masyadong nakatulong! If you are in a loving and nurturing relationship, you will not let your partner feel that he/she just comes second to your hobbies/interests. I am not saying that my husband is wrong. But in the scenario that he gave, the problem there is not in giving something na kaadikan ng boyfriend mo. Ang problema dun, adik talaga ang jowa mo! Wala ‘yun sa regalo. The issue goes deeper than that. And besides, giving your boyfriend something that interests him is your way of saying that he can still grow individually. He can still enjoy his hobbies and you will support no matter what. In short, huwag kang makinig kay Boyet! :p

Help him develop a new hobby.

Please don’t! Refer to number one! Mahihirapan ka na nga sa current hobby nya, dadagdagan mo pa? [Jerellt] A ganun?! Sige, pakibalik lahat ng Lego na niregalo ko sa’yo ha! =))

Now here are my suggestions:

1. Give him something that both of you will like. If he’s a programmer and you are a bookworm, give him a book about programming. You can read together. Or if he loves eating and you love cooking, cook for him. Let him be the food taster.

2. The best gift that you can give him is YOU. And I mean it, LITERALLY. If you can come up with a nice set up, a seductive dress, and romantic place (your condo will do if you have one) then this will hit him big time. I assure you, he will like it! ;)) [Jerellt] Seductive dress talaga?!

O ‘di ba? Wala kayong masyadong napala kay Boyet? But I think he raised some valid points with his answers. I agree that the best gift you can give your partner is YOU – meaning your efforts, your time and your undivided attention. Ang bongga nga ng gift mo tapos text ka naman ng text sa boss mo habang nasa date ka. Wala din.

Giving gifts is an expression of love to your partner. So give him something that can very much express your love for him. Ganun lang kasimple. :)


  1. inferness girl.. pede tong substitute kay Kolokoy =)) wagas ang tawa ko a.. bwaha.. Congrats kay Boyet sa 1st entry nia na to =))

  2. Cool! love this one! make me reminisce good times and kulit moments with my boyfriend.. for our anniversary this year I made an AVP of our old photos from our blissful trips.


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