Throwback Thursday: Prenuptial Pictorial at Fully Booked BHS

A few days after our second wedding anniversary, we finally had the time to meet our wedding photographer. It took us two years to get our wedding album. It’s definitely not his fault because our very busy schedules were the only one to blame. Palusot! :p

Other than our wedding album, we also finally got to see our prenup photos. We saw most of the photos for the first time in two years. Boyet and I were actually so giddy while we were looking at the pictures as we reminisce the day we became unofficial mowwdels! :p

Because we decided to have a book-themed wedding, we chose Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street as the venue for our prenuptial pictorial. It happened on May 2011, just a month away from our wedding day. We didn’t have any concept in mind so 99% of what you are about to see are because of the very creative mind of Ian Santillan. Boyet and I just went to the venue with two sets of clothes. Almost all prenuptial photo shoots have couples wearing their formal attires. And since we had to be consistent with our theme, we decided to be in our school girl and nerd boy outfits too. Special thanks to Aubrey for "styling" us! Teehee!

Warning: Photo heavy! It was so hard to trim down 300 photos! :)

Efren Jerellt Prenup-006
Ian: Boyet, upo ka dito.
Boyet: Dito?
Ian: Yes. Ikaw Je, tayo ka sa upuan.
Je: Okay.


Lumusot ‘yung paa ko sa upuan! Hindi ko naman kasi alam na para pala siyang seat sa sinehan!!! =))

Efren Jerellt Prenup-007
Halata bang nasaktan ako?! :p

Efren Jerellt Prenup-009
Efren Jerellt Prenup-010 Sige, smile pa rin! :p

Ian: Sige Je, baba ka na lang. Nakakatakot ka e.
Je: Aga-aga buwis-buhay. @_@

Efren Jerellt Prenup-012
Efren Jerellt Prenup-016
Efren Jerellt Prenup-019
Efren Jerellt Prenup-021
Efren Jerellt Prenup-024
Efren Jerellt Prenup-028
Efren Jerellt Prenup-029
Efren Jerellt Prenup-034
Dito sa picture na ‘to nagkagulo ang mga friends ko sa Facebook! Sorry, guys! Napag-utusan lang po. :p

Efren Jerellt Prenup-042
Efren Jerellt Prenup-049
Efren Jerellt Prenup-051
Efren Jerellt Prenup-056
Efren Jerellt Prenup-060
Efren Jerellt Prenup-080
Efren Jerellt Prenup-105
Efren Jerellt Prenup-107
Efren Jerellt Prenup-110
Efren Jerellt Prenup-112
Efren Jerellt Prenup-115
Efren Jerellt Prenup-132
Efren Jerellt Prenup-135
Efren Jerellt Prenup-144
Efren Jerellt Prenup-146

Another lampa moment…

Ian: Je, sandal ka dito.
Je: Okay.


Nadulas naman ako! =))

Efren Jerellt Prenup-153 Buti hindi halata! HARHARHAR!!!

Efren Jerellt Prenup-154
Efren Jerellt Prenup-161
Efren Jerellt Prenup-167
Efren Jerellt Prenup-179
Efren Jerellt Prenup-175
Efren Jerellt Prenup-180
Efren Jerellt Prenup-195
Efren Jerellt Prenup-204
Efren Jerellt Prenup-208
Efren Jerellt Prenup-211
Efren Jerellt Prenup-213
Efren Jerellt Prenup-217
Efren Jerellt Prenup-224
Efren Jerellt Prenup-227
Efren Jerellt Prenup-230
Efren Jerellt Prenup-238
Efren Jerellt Prenup-241
Efren Jerellt Prenup-244
Efren Jerellt Prenup-248
Efren Jerellt Prenup-260
Ian: Boyet, buhatin mo si Je.
Boyet: Uggghhhh!!!
Ian: Para namang bigat na bigat ka?!

Efren Jerellt Prenup-271 Medyo halata nga! Lumalabas lahat ng litid ni Boyet e! :p

Efren Jerellt Prenup-264
There were a few glitches during our shoot because we were not allowed to go inside Fully Booked earlier. Apparently, our contact forgot to inform the guards. Ian wanted to take more photos, but we had to cut the shoot because Fully Booked only allowed us until 11AM. But we still had fun!

Efren Jerellt Prenup-251 This photo is brought to you by Ian’s sneaky moves!
Bawal kasi! :p

Efren Jerellt Prenup-131 Jeff, Joie and Aubrey obviously had a lot of fun too!

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  1. Andami mo palang paparazzi sa pre-nup mo. LOL! Gaganda ng mga pictures! More!More! :)


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