Years ago, my friend Joie started out baking cookies and brownies as her hobby. Her friends (me on top of the list) are the very lucky beneficiaries of her “experimental” goodies. All of us agreed that she should level up and turn this hobby into a business. It wasn’t easy to convince her. She felt that her end products were not good enough for people to actually spend on them. Looking back, I think this is the thing that made her really good in what she does. What may seem to me as lack of self-confidence is actually passion in disguise. She does not want to settle with just having delicious goodies. She wants her future customers to get the best out of their hard-earned money. And it's not false humility. She is one of the humblest people I have ever known. So rest assured na hindi kayo makakakain ng cupcakes/cookies/brownies na gawa sa kayabangan! =))

I would like to think that My Sweets’ Haven is a product of friendship and collaboration. I remember spending numerous lunch breaks with my former office mates as we brainstorm on the possible names for Joie’s future business. It ranged from serious up to the silliest suggestions like Joie’s Minatamis and Cookies en Cream! Hahaha! Jeff helped Joie in coming up with the logo. I had inputs too. When they were still conceptualizing the first logo, she made me choose between two, and I remember telling her, “Huwag ‘yan! Mukhang tae ‘yung frosting ng cupcake!” Nyahahahaha!!!
LogoWOContact The New Logo

Other than that, I also had the chance to taste most of her creations. I am her unofficial Quality Assurance Tester (or should I say Taster?!). She told me that she values my opinions very much because of my very critical taste in food. She believes me too, and she does not get hurt with my criticisms. Others attempted to do the same, they failed. Ako lang ang may karapatan batikusin si Joie! :p

Today, she is beginning to spread her wings. She is now more fearless. After countless of pushing from her super kulit friend (that’s me), she is finally investing in promoting her products. One way to achieve this is by throwing a giveaway via the most popular blog in the country among her circle of friends! Tatlo lang yata kaming friends niya ang may blog?! =))

Before I give you the mechanics, allow me to show you some of her products. Make sure you have a hanky while looking at the photos. You will definitely drool over these!

A lot of online sellers are just focusing on baking and selling cupcakes. Joie’s versatility sets her apart from them. She offers a lot more than those cutesy cupcakes.

CookiesNCreameBrownies Cookies and Cream Brownies

You have to try Mary Melts! Named after Me-Anne, our cray cray friend, this will make your taste buds go crazy too! I am not lying. Even my pintasera mom loves this!!!

Mary Melts

Do you know any online sellers who offer cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cake pops, bibingka and cassava cakes? I only know of one – My Sweets’ Haven! I remember buying bibingka and cassava cakes to Joie countless of times. In all occasions, I had to restrain myself from eating the cassava cake after I have already consumed half of it! I’m not kidding. My husband had to take it away from my hand. Fortunately, Joie did something about this and came up with this bite-size cassava cakes. Heehee!

935350_243584535779680_1962396334_nBite-size Cassava Cakes

And because she wants to give you more, here’s the latest addition in her product line.

1167847_690565574291179_1403861664_n Cake Pops

Now, on the giveaway! ONE LUCKY WINNER will get the following:

1.) 2 dozens of cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (flavor choices: chocolate, red velvet, banana, vanilla)
2.) 2 boxes of brownies (flavor choices: Mary Melts, Oreo Brownies)
3.) 20 pcs of cake pops


1. The winner must be willing to claim the prizes at any of the following meet-up points:
     * LRT stations
     * MRT stations 
     * SM Valenzuela
     * SM North Edsa
     * SM Mall of Asia  (weekdays only)
     * Any other location is negotiable as long as it is near to both parties

2. The winner must notify My Sweets' Haven at least 3 days before the desired date of claiming the prizes.

3. Costs for additional requests must be shouldered by the winner (e.g. cupcake toppers, packaging style).

4. The winner may order additional products offered by My Sweets' Haven for a discounted price (20% off).

5. The prizes may only be claimed until MARCH 31, 2014.

6. The winner will be drawn via Rafflecopter and will be notified via email. In case the winner fails to respond within 15 days, another winner shall be drawn.

7. Contest ends on SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 11:59PM 

Additional Notes:
To make sure that you are not wasting your entries, please make sure to follow directions especially when posting the Twitter and Facebook links. Take note of the following:

1.    You have to click LIKE first before clicking I’M A FAN.
2.    On the TWEET and SHARE TO FACEBOOK options, you have to paste the URL link of your tweet or Facebook shoutout, not the link of this post. To get the link, click the timestamp of your Twitter/FB post (the one that says 2 hours ago, 1 day ago). Copy the link from the address bar, and place it in Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! :)


  1. Yun oh! Congrat's Joie! You're one of my baker peg! Keep it up! Of course, I'm joining para matikman ko naman ang mga bini-bake mo! I'm sure yummy yan, looks palang. :)

  2. son & I loves cupcake! thanks for sharing this yummy giveaway.. :)

  3. joined! i need cupcakes and cake pops for my dessert buffet. would really love to win!

  4. Hope to win! i love cupcakes yummy. <3 :)

  5. Hope to win. willing for the meet up! God Bless.. :)


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