Hotel Review: Acacia Hotel Manila

Let me share with you our staycation experience two months after our second wedding anniversary! Clap clap clap!!! I’m such a hardworking blogger! Kids, don’t be like me, okay? HARHARHAR!!!

We were supposed to go to Malaysia to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. But because of some unforeseen events, we needed to cancel it. We also cancelled our honeymoon trip to Malaysia, so I guess we have to take that country out of our list for now. Anyway, my husband and I love taking short breaks in the form of staycations. Whoever thought of it is a genius and deserves a Nobel Prize! :p

Less than a week before our anniversary, we still hadn’t booked for a hotel. We agreed to just go with the flow and resort to last-minute preparations since most of our plans have been getting derailed lately. We were supposed to just stay in one of the hotels in Ortigas. But I realized that we had been postponing one important thing for quite a long time. And that is meeting our wedding photographer to get our wedding album. I sent him a private message confirming his availability. When he confirmed, I told my husband that we should just stay in one of the hotels in Alabang since Ian Santillan’s studio is also in Alabang. We were both surprised when we found out that his studio is just beside the hotel. Nag-Google pa kami ng directions e katabi lang pala?!

I booked an overnight stay just a day before our planned staycation. :p Our room cost us PHP5000++. After I submitted my online booking, I found out that Deal Grocer had a deal offering discounted rates at Acacia Hotel. Though the redemption starts a week after our anniversary, I still felt bad for the money that we would have saved. =(

The moment I stepped inside the hotel, only one word came into my mind: ELEGANCE! The high ceiling, tall couches and carpeted floor are just three of the many things that gave me higher hopes that our stay in Acacia Hotel will be one helluva staycation!
DSC_1937 The Larger Than Life Flower Vase HEHEHEHE!

While I was waiting for my turn to be attended by a receptionist, one of the staff got our bags and started talking to me. I am not really the best person for small talks, but I appreciate the warmth of the staff. They asked me if it was our first time to stay in Acacia and whether we’re staying for business or for pleasure. Pleasure siyempre! :p


Checking-in was a breeze. I was attended by a very pretty and efficient receptionist. After filling up some forms and paying for the incidental deposit, we were given our room access card.

A gigantic bed welcomed us! I was so tempted to just jump into it right away, but my blogger duties prevented me from doing so. I needed to take numerous photos of different angles using various camera settings. But right after that, I asked my husband to jump with me. Heehee!

DSC_1850Pasimpleng OOTD! Chos! :p
Top: Herbench | Skirt: BAYO | Shoes: Payless | Bag: Fab Manila

The bed is extraordinarily soft! Even the pillows and the blankets made me feel like I’m bouncing. It’s nice that all the linens smell really good because I hate it when I smell the scent of strong detergent when I stay in a hotel. I also love that the head board is cushioned. I didn’t have to hurt my head and neck when reading a book.

I love the comfortable couch and the nice setup by the window. The giant lamp made me realize that Acacia Hotel loves big things. Teehee!

DSC_1834 The View from Our Room!

The wall-mounted cable TV is perfectly setup in front of the bed. Beside it is a study area equipped with a lamp. I just have to say that Acacia Hotel has a very fast internet connection!!! Carpeted floor + air-conditioned room + nice bed + cable TV + internet connection?! I must be in paradise! But wait, there’s more!!!

You may think that the above photo is a bit anticlimactic. But that is no ordinary closet. Aside from the fact that it houses the safety vault, a laundry bin, ironing table, bathrobe and slippers, this closet has a special trick. It has a motion sensor that automatically turns on the light. I was like a kid walking back and forth just to test it. HAHAHA!

Moving on, this is my favorite part of the room! I am a sucker for pretty (and sparkling clean) bathrooms. Out of all the hotels that I’ve been to, this bathroom tops my list.

The sink area has a large mirror and a rotating vanity mirror. The bathroom is also equipped with a wall-mounted hair dryer. This area is perfect for the kikay girls.

Surrounded by glass is the shower area where a rain head shower is installed. Acacia Hotel is eco-friendly. The entire room has stickers with messages telling guests how they can help save Mother Nature. The bathroom is not exempted from this.

Didn’t I tell you that the bathroom is sparkling clean?! :)

There is an extension of the phone at the toilet area so you don’t need to be “interrupted” when you’re busy doing your thing. Haha! :p

Our bathroom has a bath tub. Kunwari hindi ako excited. Hihi!

This thing actually saved my life. A day before our staycation, I was having itchy throat, runny nose and dry cough. I filled the bath tub with hot water and dipped into it before I went to sleep. The following day, I was feeling better!

Later that afternoon, we went out of the room to check out the pool area.

DSC_1865 Hello, Alabang!


I would have wanted to swim because swimming is the safest sport for someone like me with asthma. But since the pool area is an open space and it is cooler in the South, the water was freezing cold! Plus, the swimming pool is not pandak-friendly. Not suitable for people 5 feet and below! Nyaha! :p

Because of this, Boyet and I decided to utilize the Jacuzzi which is located at the other side of the pool area.

That night, we got two knocks on our door. The first one was from a hotel staff who gave us an additional pillow and wished us to have a good night sleep. Ang sweet ni Ate! :p We already had four large pillows on our bed, plus a spare one in the closet. But who are we to refuse? A few minutes later, another lady knocked again. She asked us if we wanted to have a head and neck massage. Boyet answered the door and asked the lady, “May bayad?!” Hahaha! Nagkukuripot sa Alabang! Nakakahiya! =))

Apparently, it’s free! The lady gave Boyet and I the most relaxing head and neck massage. It was the best thing to have before dozing off.

Our room accommodation already includes buffet breakfast for two. This is where we had our brekkie! Ang totyal! Hihihi! :p

The buffet spread is quite extensive though it pales in comparison with the other hotels I’ve been to. But it has all the basic stuff that most people usually look for first thing in the morning.

I wasn’t impressed with the food, though. It’s not actually bad. But most of the dishes were unforgettable.

Other than the so-so food, our stay at Acacia Hotel was a good one. It gave us simple joys perfect for two people who are about to brave more of the ups and downs of marriage. But most importantly, the service is exemplary! Sabi nga ni Ian Santillan, “Ganyan kami sa Alabang!”

DSC_1951Alabang Girl for a Day! Pasensya, mahangin sa labas! =)) 

DSC_1947Si Boyet, napadaan lang! :p 
FYI, Ian Santillan’s studio is in that building at the right.

Acacia Hotel Manila
5400 East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue,
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang,
Muntinlupa City


  1. Girl type ko yung OOTD mo :D Try mo karerin :p bwaha.. good job ka girl.. K-POP the good work :p

  2. Hahaha nakakatawa! Don pala office ni ian santillan! Sya pala yun! Yung sa tabi ng acacia hotel hahaha!! At dahil dyan, isasama ko sya sa listahan ko na pwedeng maging supplier ko hihi.. I miss Alabang.. Na extra sa picture mo yung 2 building kung saan ako nagwork before haha!

    Maganda acacia hotel kaya kinoconsider ko yan sa wedding ko (hotel preps), sa food correct ka! Nakatry na kami ng lunch buffet c/o deal grocer..


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