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For the longest time, my mother does most of the cooking at home. This is one of the many things that I will surely miss when my husband and I move out of the house and transfer to our own next year. On the very few times that my mom is not in the mood to cook, we usually resort to food delivery. Having food delivered to our doorsteps always gives delight to our family of foodies.

I have to say that food delivery has gone a long way. When I was growing up, we would usually consult our dusty phone directory and scan the available food delivery services. Yes, I am that old!!! With the birth of the internet, everything is now as easy as one click (literally). A couple of weeks ago, I got an invite from to try out their services. is like a phone directory but 1,000,000,00 times better! You don’t need to battle with your old-fashioned and dusty phone directory unless you have to use a dusty computer in placing an order. :p has a wide array of restaurants to choose from. It’s nice that the site has a quick search for easy access. For those who are indecisive of what to have for dinner, this site will surely be your best friend. “Oh, I want a big, fat, juicy burger! Nah,  I’ll have Chinese food instead. But wait, I’m on a diet! I’ll have something healthy instead!!!” Fret no more because sorts out the restaurants by cuisine and food choices. Isn’t that amazing?

Placing an order is also as easy as 1-2-3. I’m not sure with the other restaurants but in the case of Ihaw-Ihaw Balot-Balot, some of the food choices from the menu have photos. You just have to click the camera icon beside the food and you’ll see a photo of the dish.

Once you’re done, you’ll see the status of your order. When I signed up, I also enabled the option to send email notifications. I received an email of my order and received another one saying that my order has been received.

I also got a call from a few minutes after I placed my order. Unlike the old-fashioned way of food deliveries, you don’t need to get through a restaurant’s hotline. And we all know that a lot of these are not really efficient. In this case, they will call you and not the other way around. This part also adds a personal touch. During the call, they confirmed my order, the amount I need to pay and my delivery address. This step will ensure that your order is indeed being processed. For technology cynics, no need to be paranoid that your order has been lost in the World Wide Web!

I specified to have our food delivered at 530PM because our family usually eats around 630PM. I allotted an hour of contingency because I was anticipating delays considering that I live in Manila and the restaurant is in Quezon City. The weather was also uncooperative so I was already expecting for the worst. Imagine my surprise when my mom called me before 5PM telling me that the food had already arrived! The rider handed me the receipt along with two giant paper bags, each were properly labeled with the contents. As I open it, I saw that everything was carefully wrapped in individual paper bags. And most importantly, everything was still hot!

DSC_0029 Our Dinner!

What’s the use of trying out Ihaw-Ihaw Balot-Balot without trying those dishes which carry their name? Each of us got their famous Binalot sa Dahon. Foodies will salivate over the choices because Ihaw-Ihaw Balot-Balot has everything – pork, beef, chicken and even seafood served with rice, tomato and boiled egg wrapped in banana leaves.

When I got an invite from, my initial concern was being objective with my review. Unlike other food blogs, I honestly tell my readers if I don’t like the food that I’m writing about. But if I am honest, my mom is brutally honest! She is the self-proclaimed Queen of our Kitchen because she is really a good cook. She can either be a chef’s best friend or worst enemy. If we’re dining out, she always makes sure to tell the server things like, “The vegetables are overcooked”, or “Your chef seems to hate salt because this one is really salty.” I had my eyes glued on her when she had her first bite. I was hoping that she would like it. Fortunately, her first words were, “In fairness, masarap!”
DSC_0048  Pork Sisig PHP94.80

I have to agree with her because the Pork Sisig was really good! It wasn’t too spicy so you’ll get the goodness of sisig without burning your tongue. After 5 minutes, I already lost count of how many times she said that she liked it. Wheew!

An Ihaw-Ihaw restaurant does not have the right to be called one if it does not have Inihaw na Liempo on its menu. Every time I go to one, I make sure to have this on the table. I love that IIBB’s Inihaw na Liempo has the perfect balance of flavors. It’s not too salty and the pork has a hint of sweetness. It’s like getting the traditional Inihaw na Liempo and Pork Barbecue in one! Most importantly, it is already good on its own even without the help of soy sauce or spicy vinegar.

DSC_0050Inihaw na Liempo PHP94.80 + PHP12 for salted egg upgrade

My husband, who I firmly believe was a sea creature on his past life, opted to have Grilled Blue Marlin. I believed him when he told me that it’s delicious because his plate was wiped clean! He just had one problem with it. According to him, the fish was already a bit dry and chewy. But he said that it’s inevitable since most grilled fishes turn out that way if not consumed immediately. 

DSC_0057Grilled Blue Marlin PHP144 + PHP12 for salted egg upgrade

My younger brother opted to have Chili Fry Spare Ribs. The menu isn’t lying when it said that the pork is sautéed in long chilies and special sauces. This dish may look plain but its taste will definitely compensate for it. The pork is fork-tender too.

DSC_0056Chili Fry Spare Ribs PHP94.80 + PHP12 for salted egg upgrade

I may have acquired my love for spicy food because my father loves everything spicy. It was a no-brainer that he decided to have the Hot and Spicy Squid. When he opened the banana leaves, I already knew that this dish is not for the weak-hearted. To confirm this, I had a few bites of the squid. I was right! It is really spicy but a dash of sweetness balanced it out a bit. I love that the squid is still tender because one wrong move in cooking squid can cause lock jaw to the one eating it. Nyaha!

DSC_0061Hot and Spicy Squid PHP106.80 + PHP12 for salted egg upgrade

There is more to Ihaw-Ihaw Balot-Balot than the classic grilled dishes wrapped in banana leaves. When I saw Crispy Kare-Kare on their menu, I didn’t think twice in trying it out. This particular kare-kare has… hold your breath… lechon kawali instead of the usual pork innards. It took me a while to appreciate this because of two things. First, I am used to eating the traditional kare-kare with pork innards. It just felt weird having something crispy on my kare-kare. Second, the peanut sauce is on the sweet side. I like it a bit salty. It was new for my taste buds, but I still enjoyed it because you simply can’t go wrong with lechon kawali! :p

DSC_0035 Crispy Kare-Kare PHP238.80

My mom requested for me to get Pancit Lucban. For only PHP108, this is one huge serving! It was my first time to eat Pancit Lucban so I thought that it’s just the same as the Pancit Canton. My mom and I were both shocked because it is a bit sweet. My younger brother could not stop from scratching his head because according to him, we need to put the spiced vinegar. The vinegar balanced out the sweetness and added a bit of acidity. 

DSC_0043Pancit Lucban PHP108

My brother requested for the Ensaladang Talong. It was definitely a hit for us. The grilled eggplant has a very distinct smoky flavor. Everybody seemed to enjoy it because I almost failed to have a bite of it. :p

DSC_0039 Ensaladang Talong PHP96

My entire family must have enjoyed our sumptuous dinner c/o Ihaw-Ihaw Balot-Balot. This photo is a proof to that. Despite my endless pleas for them to look at the camera, they still refused to back down on chewing. They simply could not take their eyes off the food! Can you see that their cheeks look like they are about to burst?

DSC_0065     Busy?!

 Pardon my eyebags and pambahay outfit! :p

Thank you,, for letting me and my family experience the good food of Ihaw-Ihaw Balot-Balot without the hassle of driving from Manila to Quezon City! Now, I need to retire those dusty and bulky phone directories. :)


  1. hi, i've shared your review to the owner's fb page. Sorry, wasn't able to notify you in advance. Had to check if that was my friend's resto kasi, and lo and behold, they own the resto :D thanks for the review :)

  2. Oi tol! Okay to! Kakasawa din kasi ang dial 8MCDO. Nyahahahaha!!


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