Product Review: Fairydrops Mascara

When God showered people the gift of having long, thick and curly eyelashes, I was at the end of the line… which was inside the cave… sleeping! I practically grew up hearing people tell me that my brother has better lashes. “Kung sino pa ‘yung lalaki, ayun pa ang malantik ang pilik-mata” I didn’t mind this at all because I still didn’t know the importance of having beautiful eyelashes. I told myself that I am already excelling academically and having beautiful eyelashes is not a prerequisite in school. I am also a late bloomer. If not for my current officemates and my kikay best friend, I wouldn’t be exposed to the magical world of cosmetics! Hahaha!

I only owned two mascaras in my entire life. I bought the first one early this year so I could use it for a wedding that I would go to. Before that, I would just steal use my mom’s mascara.

A makeup artist once told me that though my lashes are not thick and curly, they are long enough for an eyelash curler and a good quality mascara to do wonders. I bought my first mascara for just PHP100+. It is relatively cheap so the effects weren’t promising. Plus, it isn’t waterproof so I could not trust it for special occasions that I am expected to cry. As a matter of fact, I cry a lot. I cry after a petty fight with my husband. I cry after watching a touching video on youtube. I cry when I am stressed out. In short, my first mascara isn’t suitable for a crybaby like me.

Fairydrops mascara was recommended to me by Aubrey, the kikay best friend I was talking about. I went to Beauty Bar to check it out. One staff member explained to me the differences among the different Fairydrops mascaras on the rack. She recommended this (see photo below). The downside for me was that it costs PHP1195! But then the lady said something that was music to my ears. It was on 20% off! Bilhin na ‘yan! =))

DSC_2150 Fairydrops Mascara PHP1195 (on 20% off at Beauty Bar)

Every girl should have this. It doesn’t smudge. It dries out easily. And it does what it is supposed to do – make lashes longer and fuller. It has hair-like microfibers which make the lashes look longer. It is also not “heavy” so it doesn’t weigh down the lashes, keeping them still properly curled up. The staff member from Beauty Bar also told me that it treats eyelashes so girls need not to fear that their lashes will fall off. ^_^

Beauty Bar
Level 1 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila

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