Movie Review: Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?

I was supposed to watch Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters with my husband on the first day of the long weekend. I was waiting for this movie ever since I finished reading the book. But Erlie, one of my best friends, invited me to watch Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo. Since Erlie only invites us once in blue moon (actually, mas madalas pa yata ang blue moon kesa sa pagpaparamdam ni Erlie), I agreed to come with her and Aubrey. Though I still haven’t read the book yet, part of me wanted to watch it. I thought it would be hard for me to ask my husband to watch it with me so I was grateful that Erlie made it a little easier for me.

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Story-wise, I felt that I have seen something like this before. Rich guy with a bad boy image wants to prove something to himself and to his family. He was entrusted with the family's company that was about to shut down. Plain girl works for him and later on falls in love with the rich boss. It’s like watching Sarah-John Lloyd all over again. But when it comes to entertainment value, Homaygawdddd!!! Nobody warned me na bawal sa may lock jaw ang movie na ‘to! Ang sakit ng panga ko kakatawa! My non-stop laughing definitely compensated with whatever the movie's lack of depth. I found myself (and everybody inside the cinema) laughing even on the first 30 seconds of the movie! It is a Joyce Bernal film after all. I grew up watching her films, way back before Cathy Garcia-Molina became a hit.

Xian Lim still has a lot to prove when it comes to his acting. He’s not bad actually, because I saw him did really well in Ina, Kapatid, Anak. But he is undeniably refreshing to look at on the big screen. From my seat, parang naamoy ko na ang bango nya. :p While watching him, I was somehow transported back to the time when I would go to McDonald’s and die of kilig by merely looking at his standee! Kahit sukang-suka na ako sa French fries at float, sige lang para kay Xian! That was also the time when my husband would do anything just to keep me away from McDonald’s! Hahaha! Anyway, with proper coaching, Xian has the potential of being the next big thing.

The supporting cast was superb! Maximo, Kim Chiu’s gay brother, played by that former child star who used to spoof Boy Abunda in Goin’ Bulilit, is my favorite! Havey na havey ang baklush! Kahit walang dialogue, nakakatawa! Even Ramon Bautista’s presence, being the narrator and the cab driver who seems to be always at the right place at the right time, was so powerful. Freddy Webb is absolutely the epitome of a cool lolo. Though their exposures were a bit limited, Tonton Gutierrez and Pokwang both did well. Maygulay! Even the tsismosa lolas of Boso Boso are hilarious!

But I honestly believe that the film will not be half of what it is if not for Kim Chiu. I have to confess that this is actually the first movie of Kim Chiu that I have ever watched. It’s not that I don’t like her because I really do. I followed her since PBB. I watch almost all her telenovelas. And if you were to ask me who has the prettiest face of her generation, I would answer Kim Chiu without thinking twice. Kahit nga pinapanget na siya sa movie, ang ganda pa rin! But I never really felt the urge to watch her films maybe because I don’t like Gerald Anderson. (Sorry Kimerald fans :| ) But she is definitely a revelation in this movie. I had no doubts that she could deliver really well on the dramatic scenes. But with her comedic timing, she did even better with the funny scenes. She made me laugh even if she wasn't really trying hard to be funny. She has proven that she is definitely over her pa-tweetums days. Pakshet ka, Edgardo! Pakshet!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

If this movie was just shown a decade ago, things would have been easier for our generation. How many times have I dreamed of saying “Pakshet ka” to an ex-boyfriend?! :p

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