Restaurant Review: Red Table at SM Manila

Last Saturday, I played badminton once again after years of laziness. I’m about to hit the big 3-0 really soon so I have become more conscious with my health, especially now that I’m feeling pains here and there. My initial plan was to get back in shape as part of my “Balik-Alindog Program”, but it has turned into “Ibalik Sa Normal and Uric Acid Program” nyahaha!!! :p

After sweating all our fats out, Boyet and I along with Jeff and Joie had lunch at SM Manila. I don’t usually go in that mall. It has the tendency to be really crowded because it is being surrounded by a lot of schools. To give you an idea of how SM Manila looks like specifically on a Saturday, imagine that we had to fall in line just to use the escalator. What’s worse than that was the fact that Joie and I needed to fall in line just to get inside the bathroom. Sabi ni Joie, “Etong mga estudyente na ‘to imbes na umuwi na lang, pinapasikip pa ang mall e!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Though the crowd has not changed, a lot of new restaurants have sprouted like mushrooms. When I was still studying at PLM, the choices were very limited. When we started playing badminton at YMCA, default lunch namin Tokyo Tokyo dahil sa unlimited rice. HARHARHAR!!!

We spotted Red Table among the sea of new restaurants at the 4th level of SM Manila. Since it was already 1:30PM, we didn’t think twice and gave it a try. Red Table serves affordable Korean dishes.

DSC_2097 Cheese Gimbap PHP120

One thing I like about trying out new restaurants is I get to learn new things. I actually didn’t know that Koreans have their own version of the Japanese maki. Joie got Cheese Gimbap and generously shared it with us.

Cheese Gimbap is ham, cucumber and carrots rolled in nori and sticky rice, topped with slices of cheese. Because I had a good introduction with gimbap courtesy of Red Table, I need to try it from other restaurants. Hi Gimbap, it was nice meeting you! Heehee!

Boyet decided to have Bulgogi Deopbap. In the very few times that we ate in a Korean restaurant, this is usually his default order.

DSC_2092 Bulgogi Deopbap PHP180

Red Table serves their rice meals in a small yet chic, black tray. The bulgogi is served with rice topped with fried egg and shredded nori, along with kimchi and soup on the side. The beef strips are very tender. I have to say that out of all the affordable Korean restaurants that I've tried, Red Table serves one of the best bulgogi!

Joie and I are both adventurous so we got Jeyuk Deopbap which is basically stir-fried spicy pork and kimchi. Same as Boyet’s, I also got soup and kimchi on the side. Though the clear soup with eggs and leeks seem a bit plain, it was actually good.

DSC_2095 Jeyuk Deopbap PHP170

I love anything spicy so this got me really excited. But I must warn you. This is definitely not for the weak-hearted! I wasn’t able to finish my plate. Even Joie had to share some of her food to Jeff. Don’t get me wrong because it is really delicious. Kaso lang, tulo-sipon-pati-na-tutuli kind of spicy talaga! :p

Since we were already at Red Table, we all got their red iced tea. Hahaha! Maikonek lang?! Their red iced tea is so refreshing! I could taste a hint of fruity flavor. It has the perfect sweetness too.

DSC_2085 Red Iced Tea PHP30

If you’re on a budget and craving for Korean food, you have to give Red Table a try! :)

Red Table
Level 4
SM Manila

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