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The Philippines breeds the best singers in the world. A lot of Filipinos are natural singers. Even I who can’t carry a tune love to sing. Over the years, going to videoke bars has become one of the default team building activities of various companies. If I can beg off in the singing part, then I surely will. But in the very few times that my escape plans failed, I had no other choice but to embarrass myself in front of many people.

I admit that there are a lot of things that I cannot do. And singing is actually on top of the list. I remember praying to God while I was growing up. I would usually bargain that I am allowing Him to deduct 5 points from my IQ and have a better singing voice in return. I then realized that God does not work that way so I stopped my delusion.

Last Saturday after our badminton session and lunch at Red Table, Joie invited us for a videoke session. She just celebrated her birthday and I haven’t seen her for a while so it was difficult for me to turn her down. I agreed when I realized that my friendship with Jeff and Joie is just so special, so special that I don’t think they’ll ditch me when they hear me sing. Hindi na nila ako kayang itakwil! HARHARHAR! :p

We were supposed to go to Karaoke Hub in SM Manila. But we were informed that we had to wait for at least 40 minutes for a vacant room. We then checked out World of Fun, but it was full as well. Do you still remember the story I told you from an earlier post that we had to fall in line just to enter the restroom of SM Manila? Joie and I had this conversation while in line after we were fortunate enough to enter the very cramped restroom.

Je: Iihi na lang ako pahirapan pa!
Joie: Hay naku! Kaya mahal na mahal ko ang Rob e.
Je: Lipat tayo?
Joie: Tara!
Je: Sige dun na lang ako iihi!
Joie: Sige, ako rin!


It was my first time to try out Music Zone because we usually go to the videoke/karaoke rooms at World of Fun. Fortunately, there was still one room left which I believe was destined for us! Nyahaha!!! There is a sign saying that only a maximum of 3 people are allowed inside. Since we were only 4, they still allowed us to use it.

 Joie reloaded her Timezone card, and then we started shouting reciting singing.

Each song costs PHP13. Medyo mahal compared sa limang piso na videoke sa kanto! But the extra cost will save your face from humiliation. Plus, Music Zone has a lot of new songs! Na-disappoint lang si Joie kasi walang Pusong Bato! HAHAHAHA!!!

Boyet sang Lips of an Angel. Muntik ko nang bugbugin e! Lips of an Angel pala ha! Biglang bawi, kumanta ng Always Be My Baby! :p

Pictures can be deceiving! Boyet may seem like he’s belting out, but he was just messing around. We had to force him to sing! Buti pa si Jeff, kanta ng kanta. If you know Jeff, then this is actually BIG NEWS!!! =))

Even if the room is air-conditioned, it can still get a little hot inside. If you’re claustrophobic, I discourage you to go here. The couch was also disintegrating. It’s peeling off its leather cover so I had to sit on Boyet’s handkerchief because I was starting to itch. But other than these two, it was still a very enjoyable afternoon for all of us. Lalo na nung kumanta si Jeff ng ULAM!!!!

Jeff: Hindi ninyo alam ‘yung ULAM?
Me: Hindi.
Joie: Ano ‘yun???
Jeff: Ikaw, Boyet?
Boyet: Hindi ko rin alam e!
Jeff (singing to the tune of Cueshe’s Ulan): Lagi na lang walang ULAMMMMM!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Apparently, it is a song of Michael V. Tatlong araw akong na-LSS! Nakaka-traumatize si Jeff! Google ninyo, dali!!! =))

joie_ig Taken from Joie’s Instagram account

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  1. Muka ngang nakaka-LSS yang ulam na yan ah. Alam ko ung ibang version nyan.. Kanin ang title...

    Chos! :P


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