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One good thing I like about having a blog is the fact that I get to meet a lot of people outside my current circle. I am undeniably a very shy person. I can live a day without talking and I don’t mind being unnoticed. People who meet for the first time will either say I’m shy or a snob. Then people who take time to know me better can attest that I’m neither. Para lang akong muscles, kailangan ng warm up! :p

Anyway, after years of blogging, I gained a lot of “virtual” friends. Some started out with leaving comments and later on became my Twitter followers and Facebook friends. One of my readers has been awarded the Most Diligent Commenter Award! Hahaha! Ang sipag mag-comment ni ateng e! Chos! And she also happens to be the blogger behind Kikay Mommy Sha!

It’s a small world after all because Sha’s husband was our college classmate. That makes her a friend of Yen and Henry who also happen to be our friends. Henry was a lector at our wedding. On the other hand, Yen was a part of the entourage and also our wedding singer. So it’s only a matter of time before our paths cross. Fast forward after a year of being “virtual” friends, I finally got the chance to meet Sha. Boyet and I were supposed to meet Henry and Yen to know the details of their beach wedding disguised as a post-summer outing. Nyaha!

Anyway, while we were having dinner, Henry told me his earlier conversation with Sha.

Sha: Sana naman makapunta si Je para naman ma-meet ko na siya!
Henry: Anooooooo???? Hindi pa kayo nag-meet???!!!

HAHAHAHA! Oo hindi pa, feeling close lang kami pareho! =))

Bale ganito ang una naming pagtatagpo!

Sha: Grabe sabi mo mataba ka? Hindi naman. Sabi mo rin maliit ka? Hindi naman mas maliit nga ako sa’yo!
Me: Oo nga, mas maliit ka sa’kin! (Achievement ‘yun sa’kin! Chos! :p At hindi raw ako mataba! So sa mga nagsasabi na chubby ako, sa pictures lang ‘yun! :p )

When I first saw Sha, the first thing that popped into my mind was, “How on Earth did she carry Cycler in that frame?!” Non-fat din si Sha! Parang milk lang! Nyaha!

During the wedding slash outing slash college reunion, we all stayed in one room. While the boys (including the groom!!!) were busy catching up over beer, kwentuhang bongga kami! Alam na namin sino ang mga bading sa showbiz dahil sa dami ng scoop! Bwahahaha!!!


Pardon my kili-kili fats. Thanks to Aubrey for altering my entourage dress and for doing my hair and makeup that day! Below the knee kasi dapat ‘yung dress, naging maxi dress sa pandakekok na gaya ko. Heehee!

Sha, hindi ako mahiyain sa’yo. Tinabi mo lang ako kay Aubrey na ubod ng daldal kaya nagmukhang shy ako! Haha! It was nice meeting you and Cyler! ^_^

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  1. Aubrey oh madaldal ka daw. Hahaha! Eh kasi medyo tahimik ka din nung una taung nag-meet. Hahaha! O madaldal lang talaga din ako kaya di ka din makapag salita that time? Hahaha!

    Ako ba top commenter dito sa blog mo? Hahaha! Sorry naman, avid reader eh. Naks! :P

    But seriously, I'm really glad to meet you and Aubrey in person, finally after one year of being cyber friends nagkita kita na rin tau. So the question is...kailan ang next "outing" natin? Yung totoong outing ah. LOL!


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