Restaurant Review: Pancake House

A lot of restaurants that sell pancakes have been sprouting like mushrooms. With IHOP invading the Philippine market, you’d probably think that it marks the end for their competitors. If you think so, you’re definitely wrong. Pancake House has withstood the test of time. When I need my pancakes fix, Pancake House is the place to be.

We were supposed to meet someone in Alabang. While waiting for him, Boyet and I decided to grab lunch first. I was still a bit full from the hotel’s breakfast buffet so I opted to have something light. I wanted to have some pancakes, but I realized that I had never tried their waffles.

DSC_1956 Caramel Banana Walnut Waffle

Just by merely looking at my plate, the Caramel Banana Walnut Waffle was a sight to behold. Naks, ang deep! :p I don’t know why, but I have always been fascinated with waffles maybe because of the identical square patterns in them.

The waffles are crisp and golden brown. Topped with slices of banana, crushed walnuts and whipped cream, the Caramel Banana Walnut Waffle was already good on its own. But what’s the use of the word “caramel” in its name without using it? I drizzled my waffles with the caramel syrup. It definitely made my waffles more delicious. I died and went to waffles heaven! Nyahaha! =))

DSC_1959 Daing na Bangus

My husband decided to have Daing na Bangus that day. Who eats Daing na Bangus in Pancake House?! Well, my husband does. I wasn’t able to try it because if you are an avid reader of this blog, (Naks! May avid readers ako?!) you probably know by now that I am not the biggest fan of fish. On the contrary, my husband loves it! Lamang-dagat yata siya sa past life niya e. :p Anyway, I wasn’t able to try the Daing na Bangus. But since my husband is an authority with these kinds of dish, you just have to cling into his words that it was good too. Hehe! :)

Pancake House
Ground Level South Supermarket
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang
Muntinlupa City


  1. Sana nag meet tayo! Message me pag nagawi ka alabang uli!

  2. Naku hindi ako nagtatagal sa makati, uwi agad kasi hirap umuwi samin traffic at wala masakyan!


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