Restaurant Review: North Park Noodle House

Once in my life, I grew tired from eating at North Park Noodle House. When I was still working in Navitaire, North Park food was a staple in most of our in-house teambuilding events. Pinoy Henyo tapos North Park, Playstation tapos North Park, Charades tapos North Park. See the picture? :p When I left more than a year ago, some of my former officemates would invite me to have dinner at North Park and I would usually politely ask them if we could meet somewhere else. Mga walang sawa sa North Park e! =)) But when Boyet and I had a staycation in Alabang to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, we decided to have dinner at North Park since it is one of the closest restaurants from the hotel we were staying.

Unfortunately, I was nursing a cold a couple of days prior to our staycation. Boyet was also feeling a bit under the weather that day. And since a visit at North Park is not complete without having a bowl of hot noodle soup, we started our meal with a bowl of Pork Rib and Wanton.

DSC_1875 Pork Rib and Wanton PHP122

We opted to share and just requested for more serving of clear soup. The noodle soup was not only delicious, it was soothing as well. I loved that the noodles were not soggy. The pork ribs were also flavorful. It actually reminded me of the Pork Tonkatsu from my favorite Japanese restaurant until I realized that we were in a Chinese restaurant! Harharharhar!

My husband believes that it is a mortal sin to eat in a Chinese restaurant without getting a plate of Yang Chow. Though North Park’s version is not bad at all, I didn’t find anything special about it.

DSC_1894 Yang Chow PHP168

Every time I’m having a North Park lunch/dinner, Lemon Chicken is always present. I used to hate this specific dish until I learned to love North Park’s version. The chunks of chicken are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Some restaurants tend to overdo their Lemon Chicken. ‘Yung tipong mamamatay ka sa ngilo!!! They must learn a thing or two from how North Park prepares their Lemon Chicken. Balance of flavors is always the key.

DSC_1887Lemon Chicken PHP223

North Park Noodle House
Ground Level South Supermarket
Filinvest Alabang,
Muntinlupa City

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