Product Review: iPANEMA Gisele Bundchen Sunshine Flip Flops

My husband had been eyeing a pair of Adidas flip flops. He spent two grueling months salivating over them. Even if I already gave him permission to buy it, he still refused to do so. Kung maka-diskusyon naman kami akala mo major property ang bibilhin! :p Since I grew tired of his endless fight with his conscience (kuripot conscience, actually), I decided to buy it for him! Madali naman akong kausap e! =))

I hate to admit it. But years ago, I joined the bandwagon of girls (and some boys too) who hoarded Havaianas flip flops! Now, most of my pairs are already collecting dust. And because of this, I have always felt guilty when a thought of buying a new pair of flip flops enters my mind.

One day while my dad was buying a new pair of sandals from Bambu, my willpower was put to a very exhaustive test! Bambu is a shop that sells Rider, Grendha and iPanema footwear. Anyway, there was this one pair which immediately caught my attention. But because I am a responsible married woman, I left the store empty-handed. :p

When I got home, I could not take the image of those flip flops out of my head. My husband told me that I could buy it. But I refused to back down! I told myself that if my husband was able to last two months without purchasing the Adidas flip flops, I could do it too. So after two weeks, I bought my first pair of iPanema flip flops! Nyahaha! Wala na akong pake sa lintek na EQ na ‘yan! :p

It’s such a cutie! And because it’s iPanema, comfort is its selling factor. Super lambot! I know that my photo cannot give justice to my descriptions, so just look at the iPanema site for a better photo. It comes in different colors. But since beige suits me the most, I decided to go for it.

Hindi ako bibili ng kahit na ano for 2 months weeks! :p

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  1. My very first pair of sosy flip flops is actually Ipanema! :) Pero as I've told you, dumihin sya. (O sadyang dugyot lang ako?) But I love that specific pair!!! And it sure looks good on you.


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