Book Review: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

I don’t care if you call me a late bloomer for reading something like the Percy Jackson series at the age of 29. After reading The Lightning Thief (which I find more interesting than its movie adaptation), I was looking forward to reading The Sea of Monsters. I made sure that I finish reading it before the movie version of the second installment of the series comes out.

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I have read a lot of book series. More often than not, I get disappointed when the succeeding books pale in comparison with the first. But this was not the case with The Sea of Monsters.

Camp Half-Blood is on the risk of destruction. Percy and his friends must act fast to save the one safe place for demigods like them. A lot of mysteries have been unraveled. Some of the questions from the first book were finally answered. But there are more questions left unanswered and mysteries waiting to unfold. These things made it so hard to put down this book. This is one helluva page-turner!

I find it amusing how Percy and his friends got all the help that they needed for the quest – from sea creatures to a magical thermos. I like that some of the other gods are becoming more visible. The new characters definitely added a lot of twists and excitement. I personally enjoyed the addition of Tyson, who happens to share a special relationship with Percy.

Again, Riordan was excellent in playing with normal occurrences and making them look nothing less but magical. You’ll never imagine the Bermuda Triangle the same way you heard it from the Discovery Channel.

I actually enjoyed the second book more compared with the first. I’m laughing at one second and then I’m on the edge of my seat on the next. Rick Riordan did a good job in making his readers feel as if they were a part of the protagonists’ adventures. He played really well with my imagination and has somehow made me feel like a child again. The cliffhanger made me start reading The Titan’s Curse right away!!!

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