Kolokoy Household: Episode 15

Hello, everybody! I know that I haven’t been blogging as often as I used to. Work is keeping me really busy. But I am not complaining because having work means having the moolah to spend on food and travel! :p Anyway, other programmers will agree with me on this. After 8++ hours of overusing all your brain cells, the only thing you want to do when you get home is to sleep. Most of the time, I’m already too tired to turn on my laptop and write a decent blog post. Pero dahil malakas kayo sa’kin, may Kolokoy Household tayo ngayon!!! *cartwheel*


While Boyet was singing Marry Your Daughter…

Boyet: Baby, sino bang kumanta ng Marry Your Daughter?
Me: Si Brian McKnight yata e or ‘yung anak niya. Hindi ako sure e. Bakit?
Boyet: Wala naman. Nabasa ko kasi kahapon may istorya pala ‘yang kantang ‘yan. Sinabi rin kung anong name nung daughter.
Me: Ah talaga? Ano?
Boyet: Si MARY!!!
Me: Ang sarap mong ihulog sa escalator!!!


Boyet and I love watching The Voice (US). So when ABSCBN decided to bring it to the Philippines, our weekend nights are now spent watching The Voice. If you’re an avid viewer of the show, you know that the judges are teasing Bamboo with having an eye at the back of his chair because most of his artists are very beautiful. One night, he picked a pretty face once again.

Me: Ang galing ni Bamboo! Ang ganda na naman ng napili!
Boyet: Huh? Maganda ba ‘yan? Hindi naman e!
Me: Ang ganda kaya niya!

Boyet: Pasensiya siya! Mula ng napangasawa kita, tumaas na ang standards ko sa kagandahan!
Me: Utot mo!!!


My father wasn’t able to finish college. But he has a strong desire to learn more. He loves watching Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, CNN, BBC and a lot of foreign movies. He reads once in a while too. These things helped him build his vocabulary. Because he does not use the computer/internet, he turns to the old-fashioned dictionary if he wants to know the meaning of a certain word. But sometimes, he would turn to his very bright daughter first. :p

Papa: Nabasa ko kanina sa newspaper ‘yung LETHARGY. Ano ngang ibig sabihin ng LETHARGY.
Me: Ah! LETHARGY lang hindi mo pa alam? Ayun ‘yung sa simbahan e. LETHARGY of the Word!
Papa: Sira ulo!!! Alam ko na ‘yun dati e. Nakalimutan ko lang.
Me: Pa, ang LETHARGY ay ‘yung kasunod ng letter F!

Feeling ko, hindi na uli ako tatanungin ng tatay ko! Seriously, eto ang ibig sabihin ng lethargy!

lethargy Image taken from cgicm.ca

A lack of energy; sleepiness.

Enjoy the rest of the week!!! ^_^

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