Kolokoy Household: Episode 13

I know that I am the best candidate for the laziest blogger award. But I will try my best to make up for my absence by posting a Kolokoy Household entry today! Tapos ‘yung next post ko, next week na uli haha! :p


I am not the biggest fan of sports. But since I married a sports junkie, I have no other choice but to learn a thing or two about it. Even if it’s against my free will, there are times when I am forced to watch UFC matches and endure the sight of those bloody shirtless men! =))

Me: Ang layo ng age gap! 42 years old si Henderson laban sa 33 years old (Evans).
Boyet: At si Henderson ang oldest sa UFC.
Me: Wow!

After a few hours…
Abes: Sino ang nanalo kanina?
Boyet: Si Evans. Split decision.
Me: Aba, natalo si Henderson?!
Me: Oo naman! Siya ang oldest sa UFC!
Boyet: Sa edad na…
Me: 42!
Boyet: Laban kay Evans na…
Me: 33!
Abes: (speechless…)

My brother always uses Mama’s phone charger without returning it to where she left it. One time, my mom got really furious about it.

Mama: Nawawala na naman ‘yung charger ko. Dito ko lang iniwan ‘yun e!
Abes: Nasa akin. Ginamit ko.
Mama: Lagi na lang nawawala ‘yun, nasa’yo lang pala! MAMATAY-MATAY NA AKO KAKAHANAP!
Me: Grabe ang OA mo naman. Mamatay-matay agad? Hindi ba pwedeng mabaliw-baliw muna?!


One night, Boyet, Abes and I were watching TV. A TV show featured a guy who was bragging that he could solve the Rubik's cube with just one hand.

Boyet: Bagong-bago ang talent mo, Kuya!
Me: Ang yabang mo naman.
Boyet: E kasi naman. Hindi bale sana kung kaya nyang mabuo ‘yung Rubik's cube gamit ang mata niya. Baka bumilib pa ako sa kanya.

Nilipat namin sa The Voice…

Contestant: Kaya po ako sumali sa The Voice… PARA PO MANALO!
Abes: Aba malamang! Sasali ka ba para matalo?!
Me: Ang high blood niyo pareho! HAHAHAHA!!!


Our late grandmother would always scold us when we play with umbrellas inside the house. According to her, lizards will fall on us if we open our umbrellas. Last night, my brother posted this photo on his Facebook profile with the caption, “Can't help but try this. :))”

So my brother is now officially a myth buster! Hindi totoong malalaglag ang butiki kapag nagbukas ka ng payong sa loob ng bahay! Bwahahahaha!!!

Happy first day of July! Enjoy the rest of the week! ^_^

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