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After months of planning and ironing out our respective schedules, our staycation finally pushed through! Last May 12, Boyet and I were joined by Joie, Jeff, Erlie and Aubrey for an overnight stay in Ace Hotel & Suites. We all simply wanted to get together and have a quick and quiet escape for the weekend. I remember Erlie asking us of our agenda. All of us told her the same thing. “Agenda??? Wala! Magpapa-spa, kakain, matutulog at kakain uli!” =))

Checking-in was a breeze. After filling up some forms and asking me for two of my identification cards, the receptionist gave us our room access key.

I was just a bit disappointed because I specifically booked a king bed. The receptionist told us that the only rooms available have twin beds. I even pointed out my reservation form which says that a king bed was actually booked. The receptionist told me that overbooking usually happens in online booking and promised that they would just connect the two beds. I didn’t want to ruin my day so I opted to let it go.

My mood immediately changed the moment I saw our room! It is spacious and beaming with brightness. The bed (beds, technically) was so inviting. The pillows smell so good! It was indeed a perfect setup for sleep and relaxation!

After a few minutes, someone from housekeeping knocked at our door. She greeted us warmly and handed us a plate of complimentary fresh fruits! There’s a small table by the window which is ideal if you want to have a cup of coffee while looking at the view of the city. And oh, ang tamis ng fruits!

Located at one corner of the room is a working area. I initially planned to blog during my free time, but I didn’t get the chance to have one. We played UNO cards until 1 AM! Plus, my husband was always on Candy Crush.

The room has a mini ref and a closet where a safety deposit box is placed along with the slippers and laundry bin.

The bathroom is huge and very clean! I am very much impressed because the design is very well thought of. They even placed an extension of the room phone so you don’t need to rush out of the bathroom if it happens to ring in the middle of you-know-what! Nyaha! And most importantly, the bathroom has a bidet!!!

The bathroom is also well-lighted giving ample light for girls who need to retouch their makeup or just take another look at their outfit before leaving the room. There is also a wall-mounted hair dryer near the sink.

A complete set of toiletries were also provided. It’s a major plus points for me when hotels provide cotton buds. The set also includes razor and shaving cream. I also liked the fact that the 2 cups inside the bathroom have different colors. At least you don’t have to worry that you’re exchanging saliva with your roommate when you accidentally swap your cups. Para lang naman sa mga maseselan. Heehee! :p

There is a separate shower area. I love how the lights made it look so inviting to take a bath. I love rain head showers so I was really glad that we have it in our bathroom. ACE also provided enough clean (and fresh-smelling) bath and hand towels.

There is one thing about our bathroom that I find rather amusing. Take a look at the photo below.

That is the view of the bathroom. I took the photo while I was in the bedroom. I initially thought that the intention was for guests to still watch TV even if they are in the bathroom. Because I was so curious to prove my theory, I tested it. (Dati akong QA analyst bago ako naging programmer! Nyaha!!!) But I could not see the TV from the inside. So maybe, they designed it for mothers who need to watch their kids all the time. Or maybe I am just too naïve to accept the fact that those with dirty minds will benefit the most with this setup! HAHAHA! There is a window blind which I gladly used!!! =))

Our reservation already includes a 4-hour pass to Ace Water Spa. We were all excited about it because apart from Joie, everybody was a first-timer. Ace is very strict, which is actually a good thing. Guests should be in proper swimming attire. Everybody is given a swimming cap.

It was so fun and relaxing! Aside from the lapping pool, they have a separate pool which offers different kinds of water massages! It was the most relaxing thing in the entire universe. Hahaha! They also have steam and sauna rooms. Kids and kids-at-heart (like us) can play on the lazy river. And to cap off the whole relaxing experience, guests can opt to dip into the different herbal pools! Umasa kaming nakakatunaw ‘yun ng taba. Nyaha! =)) Cameras are not allowed inside the water spa so I don’t have photos to prove all my claims that I enjoyed it. It’s actually a good thing because I don’t want to be photographed in my swimwear! :p

It would have been a perfect staycation for all of us if not for two things. The life guards kept on using their whistles to get the attention of guests who are not following the rules, like those who were not wearing their swimming caps. That’s fine with me. But they allowed one guest who has dreadlocks!!! As in long, big, humongous, monstrous dreadlocks!!! I don’t wear my everyday clothes when I go swimming because it’s just like doing your laundry in the pool. The staff even checked us if we were wearing underwear. Tapos dreadlocks pwede?!

Second, prior to going to the water spa, we asked the receptionist if we could bring our towels. When we reached the entrance of the water spa, the receptionist told us that we were not allowed to bring our towels. She said that if we lose it, we need to pay PHP1600. So as not to prolong the discussion, we decided to just leave our towels in our lockers. And since we were hotel guests, we decided not to use the public shower area of the water spa. Ang ganda ganda ng banyo namin sa room, ‘di ba?! Plus, the water spa is just a short walk from the hotel. And we made sure that we were not dripping. Piniga ko ng bongga ang buhok ko! Plus our swimwear dries easily. But Aubrey, Joie and I (si Erlie kasi wapakels naman siya forever :p) got so annoyed because the staff members kept on looking at us as if we did something so horrible. “Ma’am basa po ba kayo?!” With matching hawak sa damit namin. Compared to us and to that guy in dreadlocks, who deserves that kind of treatment?! Seriously.

But the next day, ACE certainly wiped away all the bad vibes from my body because of their breakfast buffet! You know me. Good food is my weakness. The buffet spread at ACE is one of the best both in terms of quality and quantity.

I started with a few kinds of bread and cold cuts along with a cup of coffee. Everything is just so good. The bread pudding tastes like heaven!

The Eggs Benedict is to die for!

It’s quite unusual for me to eat vegetables in the morning, but the buttered vegetables were too hard to resist. And oh, the thinly-sliced bacon strips are perfectly crispy!

Despite the few hiccups, all of us enjoyed our overnight stay in Ace Hotel and Suites. We had a relaxing weekend, thanks to the water spa and the breakfast buffet. And Jeff's UNO cards! :p

DSC_1562Wala sa picture si Joie! =(

Ace Hotel & Suites
United St., cor. Brixton St.
Pasig City

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